AppleTV and companion app find only a subset of devices

I recently returned to Zwift after a while and am having a problem pairing devices that I didn’t have before.

I have 3 devices:
Stages power meter
Wahoo Tickr
Tacx Neo trainer

I need to use the companion app to pair because of the 2 device limit on the AppleTV, however, I have to jump through numerous hoops to get my Stages power meter to even appear anymore. Here’s the sequence of events I normally go through.

  1. I zero reset my power meter using my iPhone (I think this may be getting the device “stuck” on my iphone? More on that later)

  2. I log into Zwift on the Apple TV. The power source only sees the Tacx Neo.

  3. I switch to using the companion app for pairing. It also only sees the Tacx for power.

  4. I completely shut down bluetooth on my phone, in case it is somehow holding on to the power meter (the Stages shows up in bluetooth settings, but does not have the “i” icon that normally allows you to unpair something).

  5. While bluetooth is off on my phone, the Stages power meter now shows as pairable on Apple TV.

  6. I switch bluetooth back on on the iPhone, and once again, the Stages disappears from view for either the companion or AppleTV. At this point I generally give up and ride without the Tickr.

I’m not sure what’s going on here and why it’s changed, as I used to use the companion app without any issues. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve had a BT/ATV/ZCA problem with my Favero Assioma pedals.
I have found a solution (usually works, but not always).
I open the ZCA app and activate the pedals before turning on my Kickr.
ZCA then picks up my pedals as my power source and Kickr as controllable.

If I have the Kickr powered on before I activate the pedals I have problems with pairing via the ZCA.

You have to pair all your stuff using the companion app.
Do not pair directly to the ATV.
Its the one or the other.

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Right - the issue is that when I choose to use the Zwift companion app, my power meter is never found.

The only way I’m able to view my power meter right now is to

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on my phone
  2. Pair it with Apple TV
  3. Turn Bluetooth back on

I can’t come up with a sequence of events that allows me to pair the power meter through the app (although it did in the past).

I’ll give this try, although it might be tough to avoid waking the Tacx because it’s a crank based power meter.

Turn the cranks backward.

Or don’t plug in your trainer.
I have mine on a switched outlet, I just wake up the pedals before turning on the Kickr.

So I just did an experiment - I followed these steps:

  1. Turned on Zwift and set it to use the companion app
  2. Launched the companion app
  3. Spun my crank backward
  4. Looked into power sources

Both the power meter and the trainer were there. The trainer is plugged in, so it may always be giving off a signal.

So then I did the following after completely exiting the Zwift and companion apps:

  1. Zero reset the power meter using the stages app
  2. Went through the same steps as above

In this case, the power meter was not present

So I’m really wondering if the zero reset is preventing the pairing somehow. I have the option to zero reset via my ELEMNT bolt so that will be my next experiment.

Turn on the Neo before you start Zwift.
Use your head unit to zero offset your Stages.
Put on your HRM.
Make sure the Stages app on your iPhone has been force quit.
Put your phone into airplane mode (forcing WiFi only).
Start Zwift on the Apple TV.

Note: Always force quit Zwift and the Companion app after each ride.

edit: Start Companion app after Zwift has been started

How are you doing the zero-offset on the PM?
If it’s by a phone app. that may be the problem.
In my case, I don’t have any power going to my trainer.
When I do, I tend to have problams.

Yes, via the Stages app. That has been my theory based on how it’s been happening.

In the end it seems the Stages app is the culprit here. As long as I don’t use the Stages app to zero reset, everything can be found in any order. I can turn on my bolt and calibrate before or after logging into Zwift and the companion app and connecting to power and the trainer.