Problem paring devices through Zwift Companion App for Apple TV

Hi all! I`m having issues conecting my devices (kicker snap and heart rate monitor) to my Zwift companion App while using Apple TV to use the Zwift App.

When I start the Zwift App on Apple TV I select “Pair with Zwift Companion App” in the top left corner of the screen, at the same time activate my cellphone Bluetooth, connect it to the same Wifi as my TV and open the Zwift companion App. The problem is that when I select to pair a Power Source (in the Tv Screen while cheking the “Pair with Zwift Companion App” option) my kicker snap doesn’t appear as a possible paring device, I checked to not have it connected to another App and for the blue ticking light (in the kicker snap) to be blinking but it doesn’t appear. Also tried deactivating and activiating the cellphone bluetooth but nothing happens.

I have an Iphone 6, I dont know if the IOS version is what blocks the paring of the Zwift Companion App directly with the power or heart rate monitor devices.

Would realy appreciate some advice!


Any luck here? I’m having same issue I think. Treadmill paring doesn’t work when box is checked for companion app on apple tv Zwift. Immediately recognizes treadmill when unchecked.