Drop-outs Wahoo Kickr /Zwift

Hi everyone!

I’m currently using Zwift connected to AppleTV (latest version) via Bluetooth. My turbo trainer is a Wahoo Kickr, connectewd via Bluetooth.

The power all of a sudden and totally randomly drops a short amount of time - meaning I do not notice it when riding, but it becomes evident in my power graph statistics after the ride and probably influence my result statistics. The same phenomenon is showing in TrainingPeaks that I am also using.

At the same time, my Garmin HR strap also connected via Bluetooth continue to work without any issue.

Does anyone have the same experience and possibly have a solution to it?

I would appreciate any help on the issue. Thanks!

Hi Anne-Kristine, thanks for reaching out!

After a bit of research, it seems that the ATV only has capability to connect to 3 connections at a time, and you have cadence, controllable, and power from your Kickr in addition to your HRM. A solution to these drop outs would be to use Zwift Companion as a bridge. You can accomplish this by following the steps in this article!

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!

How far away from your KICKR is the ATV? Try reducing the distance between the two devices. It helped me with my setup.

Cadence, controllable and power is transmitted by the KICKR in one bluetooth signal. That should be known by now.

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Thanks a lot! The distance is ca 2m. Is that within ok distance?

Ref “Cadence, controllable and power is transmitted by the KICKR in one bluetooth signal”. Does this imply that I should expect it to work ok?

Thank you very much - I willl check and return as soon as possible!