Zwift freeze on ATV

This morning joined a group ride. After around 40 mins Zwift completely froze. ATV app didn’t respond, iOS companion app didn’t respond. Eventually I ended up on the Home Screen. Couldn’t restart the Zwift app. Had to first force quit it on ATV, then I was able to start it again. I got a dialog of a non saved ride. Eventually I could resume my ride, but wasn’t in the group ride anymore.

For some reason it also added a screenshot to the ride, which I couldn’t unselect:

(Apple TV 4K, Zwift 1.51.0, tvOS 17)

This phenomenon is often related to the CPU being maxed out. The latest release seems to be more demanding. Which Apple TV model & generation is it?

Apple TV 4K 32GB (2nd gen 2021)

Since it has the A12 CPU, it’s possible it might have the video screenshots feature. If it does you can find that in settings and disable it to reduce CPU load. A12 iOS devices currently get the feature but I’m unsure if tvOS does. Check that.

Will try. First time I experienced this. Probably latest tvOS update uses more resources.