Help Ride (alpe 1 and ½ time) not in Zwifpower or Strava

Hi I did a ride yesterday, At Jungle circuit Watopia. Went up alpe du Zwift, ( won the gloves ) did the downhill all the way down and started all over again. yes crazy, but had no time anymore to complete the second one so stopped at 1500 m elevation. (Turn 12) . Gone all the way down again. At the end saved my ride and saw that in the companion at , I missed the picture with the end of the Alpe, also not any gloves in the garage :slight_smile: and seems that my ride was not transferred neither to Strava or Zwiftpower. and above all I miss my 1500 m in my Everest challenge !
Any chance to recover this ride ?

I did this all for nothing ?
thanks for help

Any chance you have Zwift loaded on two devices? This sounds like classic behavior of having logged in on a second device, but not logged out.

:frowning: No only Apple TV and companion app :frowning:

For Zwiftpower - the activity must not be private!
I am not Apple user, but some ATV users recommend to force stop the Zwift app.

Yes! ALWAYS force quit the apps (Zwift and Companion) after each use.