Alpe du Zwift bug? Turned me around with 300m left to go

On my ride today up the Alpe du Zwift it gave me an accomplishment on the last leg, turned me around and sent me down the hill. What happened? I didn’t get the total ride accomplished.

i had completed all the legs expect the final 300m or so of the climb. i cant see the accomplishment or that I had completed the climb, which it appears I did not.

Can i get some insight into what happened here, is it possible to restart the ride so i can finish it.


What exactly happened here, can you explain in detail please?

Are you using Apple TV by any chance? Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but it sounds like an unintentional U-turn. Rather easy to trigger, from all accounts.
(I could of course have completely the wrong end of the stick.)

Looks like that accomplishment was your first u-turn… for which you get a badge. :-/


as i approached ti final 300m, the screen flashed you have achieved an accomplishment, and then I was headed downhill. I wanted to complete the climb obviously but was unable… the badge is on the screen, when I click it is says nothing


What device are you using to run Zwift? Apple TV?

It’s in your Companion Activities (the badge details).

Im using an HP laptop with an Ant plus usb connection…

Cant see the route badge or any other new badges,.

A little disappointed to ride 99% or more of that route and get sent back down :slight_smile:
Anyhow i may just need to do it again but in a few days

That’s understandably frustrating. Sorry to say it, but you can’t restart a ride that you’ve finished and saved, so you are going to have to start the Alpe from the bottom again next time.
Look on the positive: you’ve gained more than 1000m in altitude. Please tell us that you’ve already signed up to the ‘Climb Mt. Everest Challenge’, so that they go towards getting the Tron bike in the future.

oh boy, that was a silly move! Maybe i was hitting buttons on the app. Damn. Well thanks for that… yikes.

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Yes doing the Everest challenge, yes good to get those meters counted.

I will disable the app next time:)

Thanks all, I’m feeling like I need a coffee or something stronger now.


When you say ‘the app’ was that on a mobile device running the Companion App?
Or is does your laptop perhaps have a touch screen?

I’m just wondering about that rare but horrible scenario where a drop or drops of sweat fall on a touch screen and activate one of the buttons! The u-turn one requires a long press on a touch screen, but it has been know to happen.

The other positive to keep in mind is that you’ve done something like 97% of the Alpe, and certainly all the hard parts. The next time, you’ll know that you can do it all and that there are no hidden unknowns. Still, I full sympathise with your situation today. I’m sure I’d have been absolutely livid.
Chalk it down to experience and enjoy the feeling of having done a serious bit of climbing.

I have an iPhone mounted on my bars, yes I was sweating a lot and don’t recall actually touching the phone. I did get out of the saddle with 350m or so to go, legs were sore.

Maybe it did get some sweat on it, truly don’t think I touched it but who knows. Anyhow its a lesson learned!

I as over an hour, probably around 1:10 or so and that is useful for the next time up.

It might also have been on your laptop. Apparently, the shortcut to trigger a u-turn is the down arrow: Zwift Keyboard Shortcuts | Zwift Insider
(I’ve never ridden Zwift with a laptop – only iPad or Apple TV, so am just passing this info on.)

I also have my iPhone mounted on my stem, for convenience. Just beware of that button to the right of the orange square (image found randomly on the 'net):


I tend to wipe the phone screen down each time I towel my face off, to try to avoid accidental triggers.

Your ride time was good and definitely a decent challenge for your next go up the AdZ! Ride On :ride_on:
P.S. I forgot to say, welcome to these Forums!

Laptop is on the workbench so that wasn’t it. Must have hit the phone, or sweated on it…

Anyhow i know that i can hold that wattage mostly and if i train a bit the one hour mark isn’t that far off.

Appreciate the feedback and enjoyed the day all things considered :slight_smile:

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