Alpe Du Zwift First Time - Issue

Today was the first time I rode up Alpe Du Zwift. Loved the ride, it was tough and exciting!

Got to the top, crossed the finish line and was expecting the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to get Gloves or Helmet and nothing happened…

I rode the loop at the top, had the pan out of me riding and then crossed the finish line again on my descent…Nothing.

Rode the descent to the beginning of the climb…nothing.

Read some posts saying to check my inventory to see my the gloves or helmet were in my inventory and nothing.

Am I missing something?

Are you positive you did the Alpe Du Zwift and not the regular mountain?
Here is a link to the routes:

100% all 22 segments are tracked as you go up. Did the Tour of Fire and Ice route and I was level 12 before I started.

Strava shows Alpe du Zwift (Zwift Insider verified) segment completed.

Hey Mike, did you do a U-turn at any point when climbing Alpe Du Zwift?

No U-turns or deviations from the Tour of Fire and Ice route.

One possibility might be that you had an unused Power Up when you got to the top. Make sure to use those (press space bar) before you get to the top.


Thank you. After reading your suggestion I rode back up Alpe du Zwift and made sure to clear my Power Ups and boom I got the Wheel of Fortune which awarded the Lazer Helmet.


This happened to me today. It was not because of power ups. For some reason I noticed that when I did turn 17, I did not get a star for it and the segment was not counted. For some reason it never registered that I finished that segment so when I got to the top, I got nothing. Tried it again this evening, and when I got to turn 7, Zwift didnt record that I finished the segment. So then tried u turning and redoing segment 7 from the ending of 6, but for some reason it never registered that I finished that segment so I quit.

Are you saying you get awarded “stuff” into your permanent locker (helmet, gloves, etc.) for completing the Alp du Zwift climb? But you need to have used-up your power up before the KOM banner, for that to be awarded? I don’t recall being awarded anything at the top, except maybe an ABC cliff bar and a tire patch (just kidding about those…). Hmm, I’ll have to check my locker for the fancy gloves and helmet.

I think that happened to me at least once also.
Finished the Alpe Du Zwift without Wheel of Fortune in the end.

This happened to me yesterday as well. All the effort for a “5x Avid Climber” badge instead of the Wheel of Fortune? Why?