My Apple TV has hung

not from the Apple TV

Just a quick update: I shut down the Apple TV Zwift app and restarted it and could resume the previous activity. I was at the bottom of the ADZ with all my ride data including the downhill all saved. I could even have continued riding.

So everything’s fine for me.

You should be able to log onto your zwift account on the zwift web site, find your activities, and hopefully your activity up until the crash will be there. If you go into it, there’s a little gear menu that should have an option to download the file.

Also when mine crashed I was able to start another ride, and zwift would ask if I wanted to continue my previous ride. By continuing, I was able to save my ride and then quit out of it before it crashed again. Other people have apparently been able to actually continue their rides…

Just adding my name to the list of people impacted with this bug. Froze durning race up Bologna two weeks ago part of Electric Spirit Series where happened to several people. Then froze today (December 16th) on the ADZ banner coming back down.

Surprised this has been going on so long. I’ve not had a full on ATV freeze like this before.

Seriously Zwift, this is so disappointing. Happened to me after 2,5 hours on the Four Forsemen. Nothing to be saved, I was seriously at 80% of the ride.

This bug is existing for months now. And nobody from Zwift is responding… How can @Eric talk about improving user experience in podcasts while a problem like this isn’t tackled or even recognized?

PS: I am really polite in this text. I am steaming from anger…

There may be more action happening here at the moment-

It is a very frustrating bug.

I am doing an alpe ride tomorrow as a group ride. I am going to see what happens if I just keep pedaling for a while when the graphics glitch out, if I can coax zwift into continuing my ride. Some people have said that companion continues to work even when the graphics are frozen…

I really wish I’d seen this thread before attempting the Four Horsemen. Exact same thing just happened to me now during a meetup on Apple TV :frowning:
I was given the option to resume the ride but every time I started pedalling it crashed again. Tried different things like exiting Zwift, and restarting the TV. Nothing worked and I admitted defeat. (3.5 hours lost for me).
Never had any issue at all before, and I’ve racked up many miles and nearly all the route badges.

Is this happening on all models of ATV? I don’t see many references to generation / model or year

Apparently it’s happened to some iPads as well. Seems like a pretty broadly occurring bug. It’s happened to me on 3 different occasions so far, and I have not recently made it to the top of the alpe without a crash. However all my rides have been in groups/events…

adding my name also , has happened twice now , screen freeze after banner at beginning of descent. Was a group ride and three others using ATV had same issue .

Here as well yesterday (not that mentioning it makes it better for anyone).
No matter what route as soon as ADZ is in it FREEZE FRAME. Although at least on the companion APP the workout can be saved. Missing the view and visual feeling on the downhill it still counts.
Sometimes software updates are more of a downdate.
So ZWIFT, please let your employees and manager ride ADZ and see how annoying that is.

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Same graphics glitch here. It was on an iPad with the latest OS and the latest version of Zwift, on Dec 24, 2021. Glitch happened just seconds after getting to the Apple du Zwift KOM. The camera automatically switched to birds eye view, showing me cycling around the top of the hill. then the white screen.The main clock kept going, and I was still in the event. Got all the way down the Alpe via mini map and then was able to save the event via the square button on the mini map. So, it was really just a graphics glitch, albeit a very deadly one.

Exact same thing happened to me today after 3 hours of riding Four Horsemen. This issue had been reported 6 months ago. This game is a complete joke, it cost $420 CAD to play yearly and they can’t fix simple bugs let alone implement features everyone has been asking for 3 years. The only reason so many people play is the lack of any solid alternative. Pathetic


I had the same today. Fortonately for me it was at the end of the TTT which ended on the top. Still kinda anoying…

Buenas, creo ya que son cuatro las veces que se a colgado o bloqueado recorrido al pasar la pancarta de descenso del Alpe, a ver si es posible una actualización que solucione dicho problema.
Es muy frustrante que después de más de dos horas de recorrido veas como se van tus compañeros de grupo.
Un saludo

Same here. At the beginning of Alpe though. Screen freezes, all lost

Happened to me too today right as I started my descend from the top of the Alpe. I was able to save my ride from the companion app so nothing was lost. Apple TV 2021.

Same here - ATV 4K crash at top of ADZ happened last night as it did in November. Saved from companion app thankfully.

Same here. iPad Pro 11 :man_facepalming:


Adding my name…