Game Update 1.20 - December 16th, 2021

Think you’re probably right. As per the log file from this update:

As @Sven_Setterdahl proposed, it’s been removed from the game and superseded with a Garmin kit. I didn’t have the Tacx jersey, so I just unlocked it with the old GOTACX promo code to test.

Used to get this:

Now you get this:


My Apple TV crashed at the top of the Alpe on Saturday, 12/18. I just finished the Uber Pretzel and got the classic screen freeze at the very start of the descent with KICKR bike still spinning downhill. I wasn’t able to unfreeze the screen so I had to power off/on both Zwift and my bike. I updated Zwift the day before and my bike a few days before that, too.

Update won’t load - I keep getting an error message saying Zwift Update failed - crashed during patching??? Have posted error message. On Microsoft Surface Pro

Update Failed during patching. Error Code:Z117 at line 602 in Patcher.cpp


Tethering to your phone’s mobile data connection for the update usually works around this.

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See Alpe du Zwift graphics glitch [December 2021]

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I’ve alerted tech support about the Z117 error message while trying to update the game and they told me it had something to do with admin privileges or smth on my computer which isn’t true. When I got the Z117 for the first time ever on last november, I changed nothing on my computer and that’s a later update from zwift which solved the issue. I hope they will eventually install the variable in future updates so we don’t need to go through all this again and again and wait for days before being able to zwift again… I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.

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David - I’m waiting for you to connect with me on Zwift. I’m ready to ride :grinning:


Supposedly “Zwift will be releasing new routes, with more badges to collect, every single month from December to March. There’s never been a better time to be on Zwift!” According to the Media Release. Found one of the routes already! Castle to Castle.


hi, i think , i found a visualization bug in workout menu since the last update (1.20)

it says i made this workout on 16.12.2021 but i made it on 15.12.2021 (i live in Europe , GMT+1 timezone, and i made this on that day from 3.20pm till 5pm), so it is shifted with 1 day (or just with X hours and the displayed “last completed date” here is wrong), the older workout’s dates are also shifted.

Can You confirm it?

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Good spot!

Yup. A big shout out to @Oliver_SPEED_HOUND’s journalistic instincts. Always very quick to locate tasty tidbits and pass them on to the community.

Reading through that dense media release, this sentence caught my eye (my italics):
“The Wahoo Climbing Mission sees the return of missions on Zwift. Held over four weeks, beginning Jan 24th, the Wahoo Climbing Mission will see Zwifters tasked with the challenge of climbing 20,000ft, with additional unlocks at 10,000ft and 15,000ft.”

Who knows, perhaps we’ll also get new Challenges at some point. We can but dream. :slight_smile:


A good old timezone conversion bug :smirk:

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Some else have some ideas now how to solve the Problem with the error Code z117???
Can’t use zwift since thursday (on my Smartphone it not working as probably as well)
The Mails I get from Support are not helping (all the Things they told I already tried)
It sucks and I am really angry already…

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Connect via mobile data by tethering your PC to your phone and try again.

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That is not possible… the update is to big. In germany mobile data is pretty expensive. I tried. But with only starting the download my whole mobile data for December was gone.
It has to be possible with normal Internet. Not everyone has a Smartphone with endless mobile data…


it helped me:

  1. Copy the full contents of the “Zwift” folder in Downloads\Zwift .
  2. Paste contents into the “Zwift” folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift .
  3. Accepting the prompt to overwrite several (possibly up to 5) files, and then the desktop icon (when next run) will now start the application in the patched game version.

Sorry Cathy, rather busy unexpectedly. Ended up having to do my real ride outside because I was helping a friend, (looking after house) and there were some problems that came up. Finally got them all sorted out. What is your schedule like for Wednesday morning?

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