Shutdown bug After Alpe Arch

Hi there.
I Made the Uber Pretzel and the Tour of Fire and Ice. In Both cases ist Came to a bug. After circling the statue on top of Alpe de Zwift it happened right in the Moment of crossing the arch.
ZwiftPower counts, Drops count, Level goes on. But statistics in Zwift (km and climbing meters) do not update.

I‘m using an Elite Direto and an IPhone 8. Here two fotos.

After that my avatar doesn‘t move and I have to end my tour. Can‘t touch anything on my iPhone, only way is to quit Zwift without saving.

I‘d be glad to hear your ideas and maybe solution.

Unfortunately it’s a well-known bug: Alpe de Zwift graphics glitch

Please post your specs according to Shujis questions to get this solved. Were you in an event or was it a free ride?