Zwift crashing during Alpe du Zwift race

(Michal Malicki) #1

Hi All,
I experienced multiple crashes in the last week. Briefly, on Nov 27th I was in GCN’s Alpe du Zwift race and some 10 km into the race (Tour of Fire and Ice, if I remember correctly the route) Zwift crashed on me. It froze for 3 seconds and then disappeared - after that I saw Windows screen as if Zwift was never on. I restarted Zwift but since I could not rejoin the race, I simply started a free ride on Tour of Fire and Ice. However, after some 10 minutes in Zwift crashed again in the same spot on the map. Annoyed as I was, I started Zwift again and started again riding Tour of Fire and Ice. After some 10 minutes AGAIN Zwift crashed in the same spot on the map. The spot where Zwift crashed is some 1 km after the right turn green gate towards Jungle circuit.
The same story happened yesterday (Dec 2nd) during a race - Zwift crashed on me in the same manner and in the same spot on the map! I opened the log file from the ride yesterday and I noticed that there was a line: “FET transmission failed”. Do you guys know what this means?
I contacted Zwift support already three times, but so far they have not responded.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Michal, I’m investigating on our side but have you tried uninstalling Zwift completely, shutting down your computer, then reinstall Zwift?

(Michal Malicki) #3

Hi Vincent,

No, I have not tried that.