After latest update, Zwift will always crash on Alpe de Zwift

Recently, Zwift has been crashing (freeze for about zweo minutes, then crash) on every Alpe du Zwift run after the first (in the tunnel) or second bend. Happened three times in a row now on workouts up the Alpe. No problems on other routes. Updated GPU drivers, did a fresh install of Zwift. Nothing changed on the hardware, did 25+ runs without issues over the winter / spring months.

Hardware for Zwift has always been the same, Ryzen 7 3700X, Radeon 5700XT 32GB RAM. Latest Windows 10 and Radeon drivers, Bluetooth connection, Elite Direto XR. Changing GPU drivers wont fix the problem. Very frustating as I was able to do the M*sochist (why does that word get censored anyway?) achievement without any issues, not it always crashed within the same few hundres metres on the Alpe.

I am experiencing the same issue. I can go for 6-7 km and the game crashes. I didn’t try other routes yet, but I’ll try next time I go for a ride.
I already completely uninstalled my drivers and the game, without success.

The hardware didn’t change for over a year now and I used zwift last winter season.
Hardware is: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, AMD Vega64 with latest WHQL Drivers, 16GB RAM and the game installed on an NVMe Storage. Sensors are connected via Ant+.

The log files are not very helpfull in my eyes, stating something about UDP Connection errors, which does not make sense to me or at least seems not related to the crash, as the log is full with theses errors.

Any hints for research are welcome :smiley:

Hi @Philipp_Moritz

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Did you put your log file into to see if your frame rate may be dropping very low?

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ,

Min FPS is 44 and average is 77. There are two peaks going down, but I think 44fps should not make the game crash as it still is a stable “movement” framerate.

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You are correct 44 is not going to crash the system. If you said 10fps then yes.

I do know that Zwift does not pay well with AMD GPU’s and if something changed.

It is not the GPU. The crash is happening exactly after 20 minutes of workout, where I am always around the second bend of the Alpe (havent tried without workout yet). Right now I am doing the Alpe on my Smartphone, where it is running fine. Framerate is pretty much fixed at 60 fps with vsync (lowest 59fps, highest 61 fps), without vsync it is way higher. Also it never was a problem on previous versions of Zwift in 25+ runs. I also get the UDP errors, suspected Zwift companion on my smartphone at first, but this wasnt the culprit. I didnt change the GPU or the driver so I have to suspect Zwift itself. The Zwiftalizer doesnt show any network errors either. Has to do something with the segments of the Alpe maybe.

there is another thread named “My Apple TV has hung” with folks reporting the same issue. Admin might want to link the threads.

Thanks @N8iveTexan_Lane

But these users are not using ATV.

Similar issue here. Similar specs - Ryzen 9 3900x, RX 5700XT, 32GB ram, latest drivers and fresh install (Fresh windows, drivers, and app). I was doing the figure 8 on Watopia and crashed at 30 minutes and 3 seconds (according to the companion appt hat still thinks i’m riding)

I stopped using this machine because the app would flat out not load if it wasn’t in windowed mode. Decided to give it a try again since i just reinstalled everything and thought that after all the updates between then and now, something must have improved… I was wrong.

Found the problem, the harddrive my documents folder was on had bad sectors. After replacing it I can do the Alpe again. Weird thing is though, crash happened only on the Alpe after 20min. Maybe something to do with Alpe segments written to the faulty disc maybe.

Check your automatic screenshots option.

I finally had time to do a ride yesterday and it seems, some update fixed the issue. I did not change the setup at all but could ride a full road to sky session. I’ll do another one today and will see what happens.