Alpe du Zwift graphics glitch [December 2021] [SOLVED]

Thanks for that update David, Interesting information that you have provided on the graphics etc .

Guess , we just have to keep banging onto them about this dismal glitch .

Hey guys,

We know about the glitch and I’m sorry we’ve been quiet on this front.

We’ve been trying to reproduce it in our QA environment and have had bother trying to do so.

Would really help if you let us know what platform ATV/iPad and iOS version you’re running.

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@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ could you merge this thread with the one at Alpe du Zwift graphics glitch [December 2021] please? Thanks.

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@James_Zwift: When working on this issue in your QA environment please be sure to take into account that the people who are having this issue appear to all be taking part in a group event or meet up. This issue does not seem to happen on free rides. So, you may need to arrange a group ride (on ATV/iPad) in your QA environment in order to reproduce the issue. (Alternatively, just have one of your folks join a regular group event that goes up the Alpe.) Also be sure to note that others have reported the same, or at least similar, behavior when turning around at the top of the Bologna course.


Hi James ,

Thanks for the update and that’s positive it is being evaluated .

Yes using iPhone 11 IOS 15.2 , always the latest version automatically updated.

Hope this is helpful .


That’s useful information - those (friends) who I know have been affected by this have always been affected during races.

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ATV 4K with the latest update as of today… Got the freeze at top, just as you are about to descend back through the banner after going around the full circle in the 3R alpe due zwift race today. Got all latest updates on ATV and zwift.

Today “The Uber Pretzel” - no meetup - no freeze at top on Apple TV 4K (2021)

Happened again today. Previous crash was on my iPad. I did a complete reset of my Apple TV with latest downloads etc and it crashed on the descent once again.

Sam graphics glitch here. It was on an iPad with the latest OS and the latest version of Zwift, on Dec 24, 2021. Glitch happened just seconds after getting to the Apple du Zwift KOM. The camera automatically switched to birds eye view, showing me cycling around the top of the hill. then the white screen.The main clock kept going, and I was still in the event. Got all the way down the Alpe via mini map and then was able to save the event via the square button on the mini map. So, it was really just a graphics glitch, albeit a very deadly one.

This happened to me too today - it has happened quite a few times previously too. I’d completed an event and was just about to descend off the Alpe and Zwift froze. I’m using iPad Pro with all the latest Zwift and iOS updates

Hi there!
I hat this bug After two events on Uber Pretzel and TourOfFireAndIce. To your questions:

  1. iPhone 8 on iOS 15.2
  2. v 1.20.0

This happens everytime I do an event up the alpe. Zwift crashes on the descent just after going under the arch.
It is definitely still an issue in the last zwift release 1.20 as I have experienced this both before and after the upgrade.
Zwift needs to be force quit as everything freeze in the app.
The bike is still connected, and the ride can be saved in companion.
I did one ride last week, not an event, that did not crash.
So seems this bug is related to events.
I have an ATV 4k with latest iOS 15.2 and last available Zwift version. But this bug was also present on previous release of Zwift on iOS 15.x

Today 3x alpe du Zwift in a session on Apple TV 4k (2021) tvOS 15.2
no meetup, no “follow…”, no event

and no crash.

Same! During wtrl TTT event Vienna Premier league. The last time I did Alpe de Zwift it did the same thing. Waaaaah! I just wanna descend the Alpe!

Hi Team,

Had today 3rd of January 2021 same graphic glitch just before the descend.

Same issue on 12 December 2022.

On 12 dec, when I restart the app, it got back to the top of the mountain and crashes again/again and again.
Today I got back at a random place after I restart the app.

I run the app on iOS 15.1.1 IPhone 12.

Good luck with fixing this issue.

Hi, had this same glitch just after passing the banner on top of AdZ just before descending. Can someone fix this please? Very annoying bug :slight_smile:



Hey, I had my whole ride recorded today - If it helps, I can send it to you and show you exactly what happens. I was screen recording my Apple TV so it shows what happened even after I reset to try to continue the Ride.

Same here on 1/2 WEDU Suffer Sunday event.

I did not get to finish the event (no badge- :scream:)

Same problem for me today. Screen as above and unable to save. I was looking forward to the ride down and am unable to save the ride.