All of the sudden during my session today, I'm flying through the air and when landed was going the opposite direction on the course I had selected

Started the Big Foot Hills route today. Made sure I went through the banner at the beginning (this is not the first time I have had issues with route badges not being awarded). After about 50 km, my game freezes momentarily and then my rider was flying through the air and the “RESUME ACTIVITY?” message pops up across my screen. Clicked on yes and my avatar was about 1km back from where I had been (was crossing the bridge when it happened) AND I was going the wrong way. Flipped a U and continued the route, making sure I crossed the finish point of the route. No achievement! This is ridiculous. Why does this happen??

Can you run your ride through Zwiftalizer and post the results?

This will help diagnose the issue.

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I haven’t ever used Zwiftalizer, but will do that shortly and post it here. Thanks for the idea!

good one!! LOL

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The photo above makes me feel that one of the ‘secret’ Zwift badges should be the E.T. badge, and you receive it if this glitch ever happens to you!


Out of curiosity, is your Zwift version up to date? I have read in the past that weird things like that can happen on older versions. Might not be though.

The “different versions” theory, in my mind, has no merit.

Not to mention one can not have an outdated version on a PC.

Despite years of complaining, Zwift provided no insight, nor (to the best of my knowledge) a fix.

what’s the best way to post the results from Zwiftalizer? And why do I have 3 logs from today when I only had one ride? Log and Log (old 1) and Log (old 2)…

My current iPhone version of Zwift is: 1.0.61591
I think that’s the most current version but correct me if I’m wrong.

OK, I started reading this forum topic and saw the picture of ET… Well, tonight I Went off repack Ridge, through the air, over the water, through mountains, under roads, through the alps, over the water, over the moon and out into space! The tracker of my plan route was elapsing at 1/

10th of the normal rate. I reckon I would’ve completed my route after 100 miles. I had to wonder if this was some kind of special century ride I stumbled into? I just couldn’t do it though! Not enough time. I was written not taking a bunch of pictures. As it is, several never came out And my attempt to post any of here seems to be failing… Feeling a big grassy knoll about all this…

Hi @Dave_Riverwing, welcome to the forums. Did you happen to have steering enabled during this ride?

It seemed to be a factor potentially. It seemed like it enabled as soon as I turned onto repack as I was veering on and off the trial, I hit quit and it put me back on the main road but then I veered right on the the first left curve and soared into the air, looking down on repack ridge and through the air…. until I went through the middle of a Mayan temple and then the alps. Interestingly, I had a route scheduled an hour after I started that ride, a Monday beta ride. After an hour of sailing through space I was sent to the start of that ride and there was a brief announcement about changing my steering configuration that disappeared to fast to take in. As soon as that ride started I was right in the pack, viewing myself as is default, then when I tried to change view to see just what was ahead of me I suddenly saw myself from in front, first veering off the road again, then coming back on the road but turning the opposite direction of the pack and then just stopping no matter how much I spun. Very odd…. I wish I’d taken many pictures from many views but for some reason I was a bit distracted…

i’ve an upto date zwift
the other day on waist route, rider from opposite direction fllew in, did a fast “handbrake” turn and reversed direction at speed.not stopping