Zwift didn't follow correct route

I attempted to do The Uber Pretzel this morning. I did the mountain KOM and then went up the radio tower climb, had a little rest then continued down and into the Jungle. I didn’t really notice at the time, but Zwift took the wrong fork and took me straight to the Alpe du Zwift. It was at this time that I knew something wasn’t right as the AdZ ends the ride.

Was unsure if I turned around and went back to the correct route whether I would get my badge to complete the route, so I called time on the ride and quit.

Having spoken to some other friends who were independently riding on Zwift, and a couple of them have also mentioned that the route they were following wasn’t adhered to either.

Is this a result of the recent update, or user numbers etc.

I tried “Greater London 8”, and ended up the wrong path. I don’t recall ever changing course, though I may have done so inadvertently using the Companion app.

I will never know for sure…

Before I spoke with other users, I assumed that I must have changed the routing somehow, but with more reports of the same things happening, I’m putting it down to a bug in the software.

Same issue here. Tried the mountain 8 route yesterday, but somehow I ended up taking a wrong turn in the beginning of the ride. 99% Sure it wasn’t my fault.

First time this happens to me in more than 5 years in an event. Latest Zwift version on PC, happened after 73km on the PRL Half route in front of Westminster Bridge from Buckingham Palace, went left instead of right to Lambeth Bridge. The event distance counter kept on going even with the wrong route, and I could still finish the event when the counter reached zero (and had a classification).