Game Update 1.20 - December 16th, 2021

I have found it impossible to pair my Wahoo tickr with the release prior to this. Anyone else seen that? Is it fixed in this version. Are there specific steps I need to follow to get a 3rd device paired via Bluetooth to my Apple TV. I am on the same network with both Companion and Apple TV. I select use companion when I get into Zwift It just keeps searching and never finds tickr


I get the message to accept Apple’s new terms and conditions, but when I click ok on that it says “coming soon” and that’s it. Whatever I click there takes me back to the app screen, over and over. I give up and just uninstall/reinstall.

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Not uploading to Garmin connect And it will not let me add this on the Companion. Thanks

Never seen that when updating Zwift. Sounds more like something you’d see in a tvOS update. Are you trying to manually update from the App Store app?

Apple TVs will only connect to the remote and 2 additional Bluetooth devices.

Most newer trainers transmit power and cadence over a single connection which means you can also connect a HRM, but if yours doesn’t then you could try connecting them via the companion app

Edit: I see you’re already trying to connect via the companion, so not sure why that isn’t working

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Hi @Mike_Manna_C3R
Apple TV devices have a hard limit of 3 Bluetooth connections at a time (including the ATV remote). If you have your trainer’s power and controllable signals paired, that leaves no more open slots for a heart rate monitor, a keyboard, Bluetooth headset, etc.

The solution is to pair your trainer and HRM using the Zwift Companion app as a Bluetooth bridge. See the Support Hub article for the step by step.

A new version of the Companion app went live yesterday. Please also check the Apple App Store or the Google Play store to make sure you’re on the latest version.

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Aaargh! Mandatory Android update released 15 minutes before I was due to race with my club, and with no warning. Unlike recent updates, no window of a few days to install it. Completely missed riding for the club as a result. And Zwift was working fine only a few minutes earlier, when I’d checked it just in case.


Hopefully there’s something in there that sorts out the crashing on Mac OS12. Zwift unusable for me since the Monterey update.

Logged on just to install the update. Didn’t connect to my trainer (deliberately) and started a ride in NYC just to take a look at the new bikes. Quit Zwift and the companion app says I’m still riding. Restarting the computer and the companion app hasn’t helped

Apple TV can only have 2 BT connections I believe.

Did a short ride in Makuri farmland loop on my gaming laptop in 4k, i always have good graphics, but looked even better now and something with the light, looked very good anyway! :slight_smile:


Yes ride dynamics are continuing to be tweaked and refined.

I don’t have any specifics to share about Zwiftpower updates at this time.

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The previous system would take an automatic screenshot randomly between 30 and 45 minutes (which is canceled if you take your own). This change has the automatic screenshot being taken randomly between 15 and 30 minutes.

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Can I have an update on Windows 11 and Bluetooth lost signal support. I’ve cancelled my subscription until you can resolve it.

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Have a look at “Known Issues” section

Not sure what you are seeing but the release notes indicate Kickr Bike for each one.

Companion is once again connecting to Zwift while I am riding. It had mysteriously stopped several weeks ago.

Letters in the three Info boxes in the second screen are too big, at least in german and for my cellphone Motorola One Hyper, so the content (max and average values) can not be read. Furthermore the size of the boxes overlap the important rest of the screen.

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I rode it Tuesday and didn’t have any issues other than I’m super slow. 2021 Apple 4k Tv. Hope that helps.