Alpe Du Zwift Sectors 1, 2 and 3 Show Incorrect PRs

Hi all,

I’m a regular on Alpe Du Zwift and I noticed today that the PRs on Sectors 1, 2 and 3 are totally wrong. Attached are screen dumps of the 3 sectors.

I appears that the remaining sectors are fine as far as I have noticed. This bug is only on the first 3 sectors.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Could be a dodgy SQL statement on Sectors 1,2 and 3.

Ride on!

Same here for the last 14 days or so :biking_man:‍♂

Yep, I’ve seen this too.

Still happening in the August release.

Same here too. Times are 26, 26, and 2 seconds.

Even after the update 14 August 2020, this problem has not been fixed!


Seems that it’s fixed now. At least, it worked fine for me today on Apple TV running the latest version (54684).

No it has not been fixed as of 22 August 2020. I rode up the Alpe a couple times today. Still the same error.

See attached photo.

What really is disappointing is that I have contacted Zwift support twice in the past month without any reply…

That’s odd. I used to get this bug consistently, and I didn’t get it yesterday. What platform are you running on? Are you up to date? Maybe it was just a fluke for me.

Yep… certainly up to date. I use a Macbook (which is up to date). Must have been a fluke… It bugs me no end!

How strange! I definitely saw proper PRs for those initial sectors yesterday. I’m on AppleTV, and I usually see silly low PRs like your screenshot. Must have been just a fluke then, oh well!

Hi all,


I climbed Alpe Du Zwift today 6 September 2020. The PR issues on the first 3 sectors STILL exists even after the update a few days ago.

See my screen dumps below.