WRONG PRs on Alpe Du Zwift for Sectors 21,20 and 19

I have been banging on about this bug for OVER a year. The code monkeys at Zwift have not fixed this problem. This is bordering on ridiculous.

Those Zwift climbers out there know what I am talking about. The PRs on Sectors 21, 20 and 19 show incorrect values. See my attachments.

It would be nice to know from Zwift when this issue will be fixed.

It would be better to reply to the existing thread on this, which at least has input from multiple users, rather than starting a new one.

Here is my thinking Steve. It’s been over a year since this bug manifested itself, so obviously my original post has overlooked - so let’s start again fresh and new. Maybe, just maybe, someone at Zwift will listen.

Does the Forum work like Zwift support, and every time a subject is brought up in a new thread it moves to the bottom of the priority list? :rofl:


And “lose” the contributions made by others to that thread? You’d rather dilute the demonstrated impact across multiple threads?

Here we go again Zwift. After the latest update Zwift still hasn’t fixed this bug FOR OVER YEAR… This is pathetic!