Alpe Du Zwift - Where are my PRs

Hi all,

As the regulars to this forum know, I have been banging on about the bugs on Alpe Du Zwift for years…yes YEARS.

It appears now that my PRs have been completely removed from the sector mini-map. So what is going on?

Please don’t tell me that they only keep one’s PRs for 30 days.

Zwift can’t seem to iron out bugs from best climb on Zwift.


PRs go missing in lots of segments, in lots of worlds (in less than 30 fays). It’s not just Alpe du Zwift.

Zwift clearly either don’t care or are incapable of fixing it because this bug has existed for a very long time.


I think a lot of the bugs that are seemingly ignored by zwift are probably left over from previous employees who coded quickly/badly and to fix it would require almost redoing the whole thing.

I base this on no real knowledge but it seems there are a few things that have been around for years and they’re usually on bits where nothing has changed for years.


Agreed. We’ve all seen how many seemingly unrelated things get broken when other changes are made by Zwift.

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Yep… really poor by Zwift. Unacceptable really.

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The point is, our data is the most important thing Zwift manages for us. If you go out and blow chunks on a specific route or race, loss of that data makes the effort completely irrelevant.

Earlier this year, I lost my TT effort in one of the Chasing Fabian events. I know it was by far my best 20 minute effort ever because I prepared for several days beforehand and I knew what I did time wise and the watts I pushed for the TT. Zwift lost my data and about 30% of the other racers. Essentially the response was, “Sorry, nothing to be done, sucks to be you. Better luck next time.”

I was somewhat less than pleased… :unamused:

Alpe Du Zwift is becoming so buggy…

As of 28 August 2021 there are NO sector stats from Sector 21 to Sector 7. See attached image

What is going on Zwift?

What is going on I think is Zwift are no longer paying anything but lip-service to the user application .
They have investors who are calling the shots and they have put all there money in to bring out some hardware.

There is zero chance of any significant improvement while this is the case .