Lost all PR's since last update

Hi there,


Since the last update (14/1) I lost all my PR data everywhere. It’s not such a big issue for me as I can see them on Strava, but I was wondering whether I was the only one experiencing this bug. Then the most annoying bug for me was the KOM/lap/sprint time registrations where not making sense at all. See the images included. Also my times for KOM reverse and KOM were counted as the same KOM.

Yes I lost all my last 30 days PR last time also.

Annoying but no big deal.

I find the leader boards are very buggy and make little sense a lot of the time.

I actually have a support request about leader boards not recording your time correctly, but have not had any response for weeks now.

What I saw today is that for some reason each segment is using all the other segments as a comparison. So, when you approach the long climb for instance, it shows your latest times (earlier in the ride) from other segments like the bridge sprint. Something seems buggy for sure…

yeah Im having the same issue. I had the 1st overall on the bridge sprint yesterday and today but it was showing me overall for the entire lap and hills as well using the bridge sprint time as well. Something is going crazy in Zwift Land.