30 day PRs not saving

Hey folks. Not a huge problem, but b/w the ToW, the ABSA event and the Cervelo event, I must’ve ridden the Jungle Loop at least 12 or 13 times. However, my 30-day PR’s show no times. The only PRs I ever see are the ones I’ve done on the current ride (i.e. I’ll see first 1st lap time on the 2nd lap). However, next time I log on I’m still showing no PRs. Had the same issue with a few other routes too. Thanks.

Mine PR show in free rides, but do not when I am riding events.

Thanks, Milan. I’ll take a look next time I’m just free riding to see how many of my laps show up!

I rode Stage 7 of Tour do Zwift 3 times. Standard, short and long. My PRs were shown for the first two, but none at all for the last one. This has happened on other routes too. Perhaps it can be fixed?

I had the same issue with my ride from the other night. I’m starting to think that maybe PRs from group rides aren’t “sticky”?