Same 30 Day PR's for 2 different users?

Hi, when my girlfriend and i go on the same zwift route (park perimeter in this case), the 30 day PR’s aren’t specific to each user, it shows them both. E.G. she was on there yesterday morning & did a 25 min lap, i went on there last night & it said my 30 day pr was 25 mins (i haven’t been on that route this year). I then set a lap time of 17 mins as my best PR & then my girlfriend went on this morning, it now says her 30 day PR is 17 mins.
We’re both using different accounts?

I had the same thing happen to me, this was back a few months ago on Apple TV but haven’t been sharing lately so not sure if it still happens. One user in our house (separate account) did a London route then a few days later I went and rode the same loop and their PRs were showing as mine (I hadn’t ridden that route in well over a month so shouldn’t have had any PRs).