PR Help

I’ve been using Zwift for almost two years now. Why does Zwift only show 90 day PRs? Am I missing a setting somewhere? Such a disappointment when I break a “PR” only to see on Strava that I’m nowhere close to the PR. This seems to be a huge issue. There should be no technical limitation to this, just a design limitation. Please help.

That’s the way it is. There’s no setting to change it.

So what’s the rational for a 90 day PR? I’m not seeing the benefit of that timeframe? For $15/mo I’d expect a bit more.

I agree it should be a customizable field. That said, 90 days is nice for people who are not ‘training’ with the hopes of going faster and faster. Or people who have reached the age when you train and train and only get slower and slower :slight_smile:

But it should be customizable, yep.


I don’t think the rationale has ever been explained. I agree 90 days is not enough. I routinely set a new PR on some segment that I don’t ride frequently and my reaction is to think “Nope” while I am showered with confetti.