All-time Personal PR, then last 90 Days

I appreciate the update showing the last 90 day PRs on segments. That is much better than 30. Could one more update please be made? Could our all-time personal best show up at the top? That way if for some reason you haven’t been to a segment in 90 days (e.g. you have been outside for the summer), you don’t come back to an empty PR list. There would always be your personal best at the top of the last 90 or just the personal best if it had been more than 90 days.

Also, sometimes you might get injured and not be able to ride for 90 days. Coming back to nothing is a little frustrating. I know you can look it up in the companion app, but I’m certain it would be a simple change to code to display the all-time personal best then the last 90 if they exist while in-game so you can just see it as you are riding.

I haven’t played enough to know if the HoloReplay still shows up if your 90 segment times are blank (even when you have completed the segment in the past). If it doesn’t, I would like to see the HoloReplay be the all-time personal best even if the last 90 is blank. To me that just makes sense. Do others agree?

Another reason for this is so that you have a clear view of when the segment starts because there will always be a HoloReplay so long as you have done the segment at least once. It is really hard to see the start of a segment without the HoloReplay feature, so having it show up with the all-time PR would be super helpful.

Love Zwift. Thank you!!