Volcano Holo PR not PR

Another minor bug here.

I have my HoloReplays set to ‘Both PR and Previous’.

On my ride up Volcano KOM yesterday, I only had one HoloReplay appear. It was the time of my slower ‘Previous’ attempt, but it was labeled as my ‘PR’, even though the popup list on the left and the timer on the top of the HUD clearly showed my actual 90 day PR.

The HoloReplay still goes by 90 days like the list on the left, right?

Hi @Tom_J, thanks for reporting this. It’s Juan from Zwift. Would you mind confirming if you set the HoloReplay on only routes, only segments, or both routes and segments? Anyhow, I’ll investigate with my team if there are any issues with this feature. Thanks in advance.

Hi Juan. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I have both Route and Segment replays set to “Personal Best & Most Recent”. (I want all the holos, lol)

If it helps/is relevant, I have Leaderboards set to ‘Auto’, Leaderboard HoloReplay set to ‘Show’, and HoloReplay Privacy set to ‘Public’.

Silly question, but was your quicker time done during a free ride? I believe it’s still the case that HoloReplay doesn’t use times achieved during an event, race, workout, group workout, Meetup, Club, or group ride.

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Not a silly question at all :slight_smile:

Although my silly answer is “I’m not sure”, lol. I can look back at my activities and check, I know the faster time was ‘two months ago’.

Do Leaderboards show times achieved during non-free rides? I didn’t think so, or at least not in some cases (races). But I easily could be wrong here. AND I’M WRONG, LOL

EDIT: Just checked, the faster time was indeed during a Group Ride–Tour de Zwift, Stage 6. But…

  • Zwiftinsider claims in an Oct 2022 article that HoloReplay will record in Group Rides (but not Group Workouts or ‘Keep Together’ rides). The quote is “HoloReplays data is not recorded in group workouts or “Keep Together” Meetups, but are recorded in all other activities.”
  • Zwift’s FAQ states that “HoloReplays won’t use a PR or recent completion recorded in a group workout or Meetup”, but that it will use “Any PR set during a freeride or Pacer Group ride”. So Group Rides are neither in nor out there, by name.

@Juan_Lopez10, is this the solution–that HR doesn’t use data from Group Rides?

Linkage: All About Zwift’s HoloReplay Feature | Zwift Insider
HoloReplay FAQ