Holoreplay not showing PR


after the update to v1.54.0 the Holoreplay doesn’t show the PR avatar.

Please look at the screenshot.

My PR is 38.88 seconds. But the avatar of another effort is shown.

Obviously the difference in this case is not very big. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot showing this for bigger differences.

This on a Windows 11 laptop.

Best regards.

Info from Zwift:

Q: What is HoloReplay?

A: The HoloReplay is a visual representation of your fastest pace within the past 90 days displayed for either a segment or an entire route completion during a free ride or pacer group ride. It is a mirror of a segment where you obtained your personal best, or your most recent time, and allows you the opportunity to compete against your previous self. You will have the option to choose between 4 different settings:

  • Personal Best: Any PR set during a freeride or Pacer Group ride for a 90-day rolling period.

Any chance your 38.88 wasn’t done during a freeride ?

Thanks for your answer.

The FAQ only explains when a HoloReplay can be seen. Not where the times are from.

PR is from group workout.

The second best time for which the HoloReplay avatar is shown is from a group ride with the AHDR bunch.

So when doing a group WO or group ride you don’t see the Holo. But when doing a PR during those rides you will see that Holo when doing the next free ride.

Doesn’t work for me after the update. :wink: