HoloReplay PR is really a 90 day PR

Hi all,

When is s PR not a PR?

The HoloReplay displays a 90 day PR not you ACTUAL PR, say for. AdZ I know it’s a small issue but really it should indicate that on the side window.


It’s because it is only taken from free rides, not ones you have done in a race, event or workout.


The holoreplays are a great idea, long asked by the Z community. I suppose there must a reason why Z launched the holoreplay using only performance from free rides and for the last 90 days. The latter is not a big deal but free rides?! I think most people do PRs in group rides and races…
Also, a huge missed opportunity: the ZA22 finish line ride would have been great for launching the holos using the baseline times fir the three segments… Just saying

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These are normally heavily assisted by draft which you would struggle to match on a free ride.

Would have loved to have had a HR during ZA but it’s worth bearing in mind that we will continue to develop the HR further in the future.