Holoreplays Accuracy

Anybody know how accurate Holoreplays are? I was excited to find myself a full minute give or take ahead of mine towords the top of the ‘Epic Kom Reverse’ and yet crossed the line a good 15 seconds slower than the previous best i had spent the last 40 minutes plus racing up the slopes and which was still humping up the hill behind me when i crossed the line. Am i missing something or hallucinating in the pain and exhastion or is there a large margin for error there? Because im not feeling the love for flogging myself against it any more! Feeling deceived.

Could it be you selected last effort in stead of pr?

Personal Bests are only from last 90 days. Was the one you are measuring against done in last 90 days?

I’ve never really paid much attention to them, chiefly because they are normally if I see them dispiriting ahead of me! :joy: So it could just be I’m missing something and the answer is simple or I was hallucinating through lack of oxygen. The onscreen info on the holoreplay that for once was chasing me indicated a PB of 41 mins 45 I think it was which would have been set in the last two weeks. It was a good minute behind me… or so I thought, yet I was something like 20 plus seconds slower than the PB it was displaying on screen a minute or so behind me when I rolled over the line questioning what had gone wrong.

I have had Holos generate in strange places before–the Volcano KOM for example, where iirc the Holo would generate a significant distance ahead of me on the road. So it would sometimes cross the line ahead of me, even when I beat it’s time and set a new PR, because it hadn’t generated at the line. Maybe something similar happened for you. But when it happened to me, the time was still accurate–it was a previous PR at the right time. It just wasn’t located on the road where it should have been.

Did you ever climb the Epic KOM rev. in an event/race? If you did, your chart of PRs will include all the times you climbed it, but Holoreplays only spawn for efforts done in free ride (maybe group rides, not entirely sure?).
Also, are you sure the replay was of yourself? You can have others’ efforts spawn too.