PR is only 90 day PR

I’ve seen this concern in some closed threads - but being able to only see a 90 day PR for segments / courses is absolutely disastrous. Rather than steering or coffee breaks, I need to see lifetime PRs (or selectable to 1 year +)

This used to be 30 days until relatively recently.

There’s been talk of extending it, but not sure how soon this would be likely to happen.

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Somewhat extreme.


I think Strava has lifetime PRs for recognized segments on Zwift.

I’d like to see longer PR history in the game as well. It feels fake when the game tells me I set a PR when I know I didn’t. There are PR segments I don’t repeat within 90 days and it would be nice to see any history for them on screen. I recommend 1 year. It’s not a disaster, it’s just not the best design for making me happy and motivated about segment records. I don’t do Strava and those records aren’t on screen anyway.


zwiftpower can show you your lifetime PR for most segments, if you use it. although you would have to perform the effort during a completed event or race

Yeah always thought bit naff just showing 90 days.
Cant be that hard to show lifetime instead

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Companion app leaderboard is another option that includes non-event rides, but it’s not integrated with the game and what is integrated is not ideal.

So one would think… It took four years for Zwift to change it from 30 to 90 days!
Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe - implemented June 2022