Different users mixed in PR report

Submitted to Zwift tech support 11/16/23; Zwift ambassador responded and told me to submit this as a feature request. It really is a bug fix that is required.

Hi. I have Zwifted since 2020. For several reasons, I didn’t Zwift since 9/8/23. I rode again today, 11/16/23. During this roughly 2 month period off from riding, I was aware that Zwift created a number of new routes. My spouse also Zwifts, and told me about this. She regularly rode during this time, and rode on several of the new routes. We each have our own accounts. Her Zwift name is #.pegf907 and my Zwift name is #.bobh907. We use an Apple TV to connect to Zwift and use an Elite Directo trainer. Before each of us rides, we select our self as the user in Apple TV, and then sign onto Zwift as our self. Because we each use the same Elite trainer and Apple TV to connect to Zwift, only one of us can ride in Zwift at any time.

Today I rode a route I’ve never ridden before: Going Coastal in Watopia. It didn’t exist when I last rode in September. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to find that Zwift showed that I already had between 3 and 11 PRs on this route. Obviously these were PRs created when my spouse rode the route over the past month. After riding a sprint, my time was added to the PR list of my spouse’s rides. Also obviously, Zwift is failing to distinguish between my spouse and me when tracking and reporting the PRs. It combines my spouse’s PRs with my PRs and reports them all as my PRs. In the past, it also reported the combined PRs when my spouse rides Zwift. Not only does this make the PR list confusing, since I usually am faster than my spouse it makes the PRs and the robopacer useless (and dispiriting) for my spouse when she rides a sprint that I have sprinted.

I’ve written to you before about this, and was told this was because the PR data is stored in Apple TV and Apple TV doesn’t clearly track the data. I find this hard to believe. Zwift tracks a LOT of information that is unique to each rider: avatar characteristics, kit, bike and wheels, drops, level, badges, power output, etc. It reports in the “live” leaderboard the time for me when I ride a sprint without confusing the time when my spouse rode the sprint. I cannot believe that Zwift cannot keep the PR data on an individualized basis and report the PRs on an individualized basis. Maybe Zwift needs to disregard data inaccurately stored by Apple TV. Somehow, I’m sure Zwift would fix this error.

This is a longstanding glitch. Please fix it. Thanks.