2 Zwifters in household sharing device

My husband and I each have a separate Zwift account, using two different email addresses, and share one iPad (and bike) on which we both Zwift. We have an Apple-based household and also share an Apple ID. We have found that, although we are logged into our distinctly separate Zwift accounts, our Zwift stats intermingle. For example, by husband’s PR on a particular route may incorrectly show up in my account as being my PR on that same route. When I’ve brought this to the attention of a Zwift live chat rep, I’ve been told that this can happen when people share an Apple ID, which I thought was odd, since many households share a common Apple ID. They recommended that I delete the Zwift app from the iPad, re-install it, and log in to our separate accounts. This worked the first few times, but unfortunately it does no longer. This bug is extremely frustrating. The most recent live chat rep recommended that we Zwift using two different devices. Nice idea, but we only have one iPad (which is the best device to use for our particular set-up). I imagine others also share iPads with family members. Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Any tips? Can Zwift’s Dev team perhaps add a few lines of code to remove this glitch? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @P_Pippi1, the first thing that pops into my mind here is how often do you two do back to back rides and hand off the iPad without fully exiting Zwift? A lot of the info in Zwift is loaded on the initial log in so switching users without fully exiting the Zwift app can cause a number of unexpected things. We recommend always opening up the app switcher and swiping Zwift off the screen when a user is done with their session and opening the app back up again for the next Zwiter.

My daughter and I each have our own Zwift account and we are both using the same i-Pad for more than a year. Our PR’s are correctly shown on each account, so we do not have the problem as reported by you. I have to say that we close the Zwift app after each ride and we restart it before a next ride ( as suggested by Lucas ).
On the other hand, my daughter and I are having a different avatar and other jersey/helmet/… So I think we will notice soon if we are logged in with another account.

Thank you, Lucas and Kris. When each of us has completed our ride, we go back to the “existing user” screen, where you can pick a user…although we admittedly haven’t ever swiped up to actually close the Zwift app between uses (perhaps on occasion we have done this, but not regularly). So, we will begin closing the app and reopening for each of us, and will see how it goes! Thank you for your suggestions! And Kris: my husband and I have different accounts, avatars, jerseys, etc – and those parameters never change when we’ve had a switcheroo occur. What happens is: during a ride, my husband’s PR may show in my account for a particular ride – or, on the lefthand side of the screen, the rosters may show times that my husband achieved (but while I’m logged into my account). Thank you both, again, for your suggestions. We’ll definitely give it a shot!

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Update: We have tried closing out of the Zwift app between my rides and my husbands, but I’m still having the issue where my husband’s personal best times are listed in my account/rides as mine — and vice versa. This unfortunately seems to be a bug that needs fixing by the dev team. Zwift: please address this issue. Thanks.

Are you seeing new times showing up across each other’s accounts or are you just seeing the same results that you were seeing before? If you’re still seeing the old records this is to be expected as the data has already been stored on both accounts and you’ll just need to wait it out for them to fall off. Closing in between rides should prevent any future rides from crossing over.

Hi Lucas. Thanks for your message. I’m seeing times that each of us have recently achieved on sprints and KOMs, but within each other’s account – all of this has occurred after I deleted the Zwift app from our iPad, reinstalled it (and logged into each of our separate accounts), and closing the app after each of our riding sessions. For instance, my husband is currently riding right now and on the lefthand side of the screen, on the leaderboard, he sees my sprint time from last night, as if it’s his. And, last night, at the completion of my ride, it said that I rode 35% slower than previously – which is incorrect, but is accurate when comparing my time to my husband’s time. So, it’s essentially combining our accounts, thereby giving us inaccurate ride data. Obviously, Zwift intends on multiple people (each with their own account) being able to use one device, as noted on the opening screen, where you can choose your rider, or add a new user. I’m at a loss as to what to do. This is so frustrating, as it makes it pointless to pay for two separate accounts.

I think we’ve about ran the gauntlet of troubleshooting we can do on here, if you want to open a support request at Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift our technical team can take a closer look and see if there’s anything they can turn up. Just make sure to include a link to this thread to avoid having to repeat yourself too much.

Thanks, Lucas. Will do!

Lucas: Do you know how I can get in contact with someone at Zwift to further inquire about our issues? I submitted a question through chat a couple days ago, and again yesterday. I also duplicated my question through email and haven’t heard from anyone. I forgot to mention to you that I had originally started my question with chat support, and they instructed me to post my question/issue on the forum (which I subsequently did). So, I’m kind of going in circles trying to resolve my issue. I’d very much appreciate any suggestion you might have to connect to someone at Zwift.

Was this problem ever solved ? We have exactly the same issue now (6 months later)

Hey, Andrew. The issue appears to be mostly resolved although, seemingly randomly, it still will (on occasion) combine my and my husband’s PRs/sprints/etc just as before. So, I don’t really know what to tell you other than to make sure you quit out of the application after every use – that way, when the next person uses the same device to log in, it will hopefully🤞work. But it doesn’t appear that Zwift has completely resolved this issue. Have you consistently had the same issue as we have, for 6 months? P.

yes, it drives us mad … so much so that tonight I searched and found your post!
Will try the quitting out method

Interestingly, the new “ghost” riders are correct with their timings


I’m so sorry to hear you’ve experienced the same annoying issue. So weird. Could you maybe re-post to follow up some time in the future, after you’ve had plenty of time to test regularly quitting out of the app between riders? I will be very curious about what you’ll experience (and would like to know the type of device you’re using — we’re using an iPad). Fingers crossed it works for you! You may also want to ensure you’ve updated the app to the current OS. :+1: Good luck and thanks! P

How long does an iPad take to shut down and restart? I’m an android user, but the tablets my wife and I have take maybe 1 or 2 minutes to powercycle. It might be worth a try to not only force close the Zwift app, but go ahead and reboot the pad too. Then open Zwift and go. If there’s something that’s staying in the pad’s memory that’s the problem, that would wipe it. Worth a shot, fairly low effort solution attempt.

Hey, Tom. Thanks. It only takes a minute or so to reboot the iPad, so that’s no big deal. I may give that a shot, as well. But largely, the app has been working correctly by simply quitting out of the app each time we use it. Thanks!

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Good to hear. I have a friend who wants to get on Zwift along with his son, so I was passing along the info from this thread here to him just tonight. Glad it’s working.