2 users

We are two people in the same iPad, I bought Zwift, bus I can one use with one of the account, Why? That’s normal? 

We paid for the App, not is possible to use with to diferents users? 


Hi Manuel,

Thanks for writing in. Each user on Zwift must have their own, separate account. Any number of people can log into any device as that data is stored on our servers and not locally on the device itself.

But there are no “multiple users per account.”

Eric, when are we going to get a family membership?  We only have one turbo trainer and its expensive to have memberships at full price for myself and the wife.  Somewhere along the line one will have to go and thats a lost opportunity for you guys.

Even my iFit account has a family pack that allows 5 users to log in on the treadmill etc and even at the same time.