Multiple Users

My wife got a beta invite last night. That got me thinking about the question of multiple users. She has an invite, and we’ll create her an account today, but I was wondering if there’d be any problems with both of us using my dedicated training/Zwift computer (at different times, of course) and logging on to her Zwift account vs. mine? It should be as simple as creating her a user account on my training computer, firing up Zwift, logging her into her account, and pairing sensors.

Has anyone tried it?

we have tried it and it seems OK and exports to Strava fine as well. all looks ok but is a bit of a pain having to type the username in each time

I wonder how the mobile app would react to multiple riders on the same network. Let us know if you are able to test this.

@Mark - Did you run the Zwift client under the same Windows user login? Just changed who you logged into Zwift as?

@Kyle - I’ll definitely try it. I just don’t think my wife’s laptop will run Zwift, or at least not well, so she may be using my training computer until I can get her something put together. Ultimately she wants to train in her Woman Cave, not my Man Cave, so the time will come, and probably soon, where we’ll both be riding simultaneously on the same network. I hadn’t thought about it, but I could see now where Zwift could have issues with that. Also, how will Android/iPad clients react to two Zwift clients on the same network? I guess we’ll see.

Certainly no problem with multiple riders on the same network. My wife and I are both beta users. We do each use our own computer. But since you log in to Zwift using your own user name, I can’t see why there would be any issue using the same computer, even using the same Windows login. I believe all the settings are out on the Zwift server for each user. The actual .fit activity files have the user name as part of the name. So you just need separate Zwift user id’s.

one trainer, one PC, one instance of Zwift, two logins with one rider active in Zwift at any one time.

and yes it was using one Windows login for both of us

Thanks for all the responses! She’s set up and will probably do her first ride today or tomorrow.

My husband setup and trial account and used my mac and trainer.  The next time I tried to use the trainer (today), even though I was logged in as myself - zwift appears to be using my husbands settings (presumably weight).  I normally ride at 2-2.5 with my power at an average of 140…   When I logged in today - I was unable to get much past 1.5 and my power maxed at around 70.  I re calibrated my trainer, tried using the mobile app on my tablet and phone, tried reinstalling all apps, validated my weight is correct on my account but nothing seems to help.   The only thing I can think of is that somehow using the same computer for 2 accounts has messed me up and I have no idea how to fix!  Using a tacx vortex.  Has anyone run into this?