Any thoughts to allow more than one user to ride on the same system at the same time?

We’ve thought about it but there are no current plans to do that in the near future. How do you see yourself using it? Training studio setting?

Yeah, training studio or multi-player at home. My wife and I both ride and if there was an ftp handicapped race (speed determined by % of ftp that player is producing) or something similar we could both rude at the same time.

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same here - I would like to ride with my wife on the same computer - can’t justify buying another computer just to ride zwift together…

On a similar theme, can two people use the same computer with different profiles at different times? Or do I need to download two iterations of the software?

yes that’s not an issue. my wife, son and I do it all the time.

So how do you set up different profiles? do you share the same account? Do you have to double up payments?


each user needs their own account and you login with their credentials when the software starts.   unfortunately you do need to pay for each account, but there was rumblings that they were looking at a multi user discount and a discount for youths.

any update ?