Multiple users

 My daughter and I both have zwift accounts. We use the same computer in our work out room but work out at different times, connecting to a kickr. It is a pain having to completely log out from one user and log in with the other user. It would be easier we could just change users without having to go through the whole login process every time. I looked in the comments and I am not the only one who has posted about this. I guess the frustrating thing is that the posts are old, so it looks like this is not a priority for Zwift developers.  I’m all about keeping existing customers happy. It seems like an easy add on to the program - maybe I am wrong. 


Not only should they implement this, but they should allow multiple profiles from the same account… unless you’re using it simultaneously, you shouldn’t need a second account.

Agreed, but even more so. It sort of remembers two users, but not really (since you have to enter the password again. In our case E\everyone in my family uses Zwift (4 of us). We have two devices - an Apple TV and an iPad. For both Zwift Apple TV and iOS, Zwift only remembers the last two people to have used the app. Total hassle to re-enter usernames (when it isn’t one of the two) + passwords (all the time). Can’t you easily update the apps to have a longer user “memory” or user list? Would be nice if it could retain last 4 users!

This should be an easy feature to implement. I could write this code and redo the display to handle displaying at least 4 users (n needs to go from 2 to 4; need a new field to keep passwords; possibly a check box for remember password or not; shift screen coordinates to allow display of 4 users). Done.


I would love multiple profiles so my wife can occasionally ride. We only have one trainer so only one can be on at a time. 

For the multiple log in, yes please.

The PC version only allows the last person to be remembered.

For the multi profile, that would be great, even if it required a family plan subscription.

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It would be nice if the game saved your login info so all you have to do is select the other user from a drop down menu when you open the game and select change user.