Multiple users login - APPLE TV


I currently run Zwift on an AppleTV.
I started with biking and set myself an account.

After a few weeks, little 10yo brother wanted an account so created a free kids subscription one.

Now I decided to spice up things and get a treadmill for my pain cave which means I have now Dad and Mum joining the Zwift life haha

However, when you open the app there :


I simply added my dad’s account to realise my account quick log in had been removed on the set accounts. I thought it was saved an you had to scroll down, but no I had to retype email + password…

I find it very stupid that it can’t save more than 2 accounts.

Not sure if it makes sense anyway, but here’s me ranting and asking for something new because it would be stupid to have to buy an apple TV, every 2 users…

Same. Daughter and I are on Zwift, wife is staying on RGT simply to avoid the manual log on hassle, otherwise she’d also be paying the Zwift subscription (or preferably a family account but that’s a different issue!)

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I have teh same and say up to 5 on the home screen would be a serous benefit (especially as apple TV is really hard to use!)

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Anyone with some help?
I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I think this feature should be added

That would be great. Even 4 would be helpful.

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i have not tried this, but is it possible to set up multiple user profiles on the ATV, each with a Zwift app, and then each instance of the Zwift app only shows the users associated with that profile (after the first login, anyway)? No idea if that would work, but might be worth a try.

Still no Zwift techical support reply to that?

@shooj Sorry to mention you. You are probably not the right person for it, but you are the only one I know that works at Zwift haha

I’m running into this problem as well with myself + my kids. I see there have been other requests for this feature in the forums. Seems like an easy change for the development team to do.


@shooj a simpler/faster solution would be adding password autofill support on Zwift iOS app.

All Zwift iOS users would benefit from it while also making Zwift more secure as it would be easier to use long complicated passwords without having to type them every time we switch users or when a session has expired.

Here is the article About the Password AutoFill Workflow:
developer dot apple dot com /documentation/security/password_autofill/about_the_password_autofill_workflow