AppleTV Log in screen

My wife, my daughter and myself all use zwift but the log in screen only allows for two profiles. Any chance this can be increased to three!? It’s a nightmare trying to use an apple remote everyday to type passwords in! I know it’s minor but would make a real difference and is an easy fix?!? Thanks

Hi @Stu_Harris welcome to Zwift forums.

Your request is duly noted. To be honest, it is a challenge to add N+1 slots to suit everyone’s circumstances. For you, 3 would be enough. Others may need more, a majority are happy with one or two.

As an Apple TV user myself - I feel you on the the ATV remote nightmare. Would you happen to have the newer Siri remote where you can speak your email and password? If you do - that’s so much easier than the original ATV remote.

I’m rather surprised to see the suggestion to use voice to text as a way to enter a password :grimacing:
This really isn’t good security practice to say the least.
Please can you reconsider giving advice like this.

There are some pretty obvious UI designs that could cater for many more than 2 login user/passwords for AppleTV, if Zwift were sufficiently motivated to solve this issue for the subset of users that this affects.

I would think 99% of apple users are using this in the privacy of their own home. One would hope that the 1% that does it in public will be a bit more careful. :sunglasses:

Bad security advice is bad security advice.

I don’t have the energy to fight this. If people want to do this, let them. It’s beyond dumb.

I am not sure about this, as I have never tried it myself, but I believe I have seen it posted elsewhere that Zwift may actually remember two logons per ATV profile. So, I’m wondering if you have tried setting up different ATV profiles for each Zwift user, and then opening Zwift in that profile.

Again, I have no idea if this actually works, just that I saw this in a different thread a while back.