2 People Using the one paid membership

 I am considering purchasing zwift and a trainer but before i do i have other family members who would also use it is it at all possible for them to use it with the same account but a different profile. i have herd about a “family Membership” but have not actually seen where to buy this i can only find the subscription. 

i think that for me paying for 2 individual zwift accounts is a bit much when it would make more sense if i could just add another user to the account for a small extra cost

Thanks Harry H


At the moment there is no Family Account. Kids 13 and under can get a free Zwift account.

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But is there the ability for 2 people to use the same account at different times but with their own personal settings saved with different users within the account?


2 people can use it at different times, but you cannot separate the activities within Zwift. Different setting can be done if you create different accounts on the PC or Mac or use 2 different devices. For 3rd party uploads you would have to manually split them. Zwift is one account for one user right now.

The request,for a family plan is one of the most requested features.


thanks that’s the most helpfull thing i have found.