Can my wife and I share a zwift account?

I have zwift and my wife is starting to try it, and I wanted to know if she can use like a second profile for her in my account.


First question is what is she going to be doing on Zwift, Running or riding?

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Riding only

You can have separate profiles, but you need two accounts, both has to pay to use Zwift.


That’s outrageous! So one household has to pay twice the price for an application which is used on one device? No other software company does this.

Unfortunately… yes… Zwift has ignored this request for quite some time, even mentioning last Spring that they don’t like the fact that this is an issue (I think on the Zwiftcast podcast)… so why not do something about it!

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My wife wanted to try Zwift so she used my profile and I changed the weight/height to match her. Only did it a couple of times…she would rather watch ellen and use a fluid (non-smart) trainer. I just deleted her rides from my profile so it would not muck my metrics.

I did ride a couple of minutes under her profile…ZOOM! Almost felt Pro! Oh well…