Can my wife and I share a zwift account?

I have zwift and my wife is starting to try it, and I wanted to know if she can use like a second profile for her in my account.


First question is what is she going to be doing on Zwift, Running or riding?

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Riding only

You can have separate profiles, but you need two accounts, both has to pay to use Zwift.


That’s outrageous! So one household has to pay twice the price for an application which is used on one device? No other software company does this.


Unfortunately… yes… Zwift has ignored this request for quite some time, even mentioning last Spring that they don’t like the fact that this is an issue (I think on the Zwiftcast podcast)… so why not do something about it!


My wife wanted to try Zwift so she used my profile and I changed the weight/height to match her. Only did it a couple of times…she would rather watch ellen and use a fluid (non-smart) trainer. I just deleted her rides from my profile so it would not muck my metrics.

I did ride a couple of minutes under her profile…ZOOM! Almost felt Pro! Oh well…


That’s ridiculous. They should allow 2 profiles on one account and maybe charge but not the full amount. It’s a total cop out to say you can’t manage different set ups on one account. That’s them just creating an excuse. My hubs has just joined and I was going to too but now I won’t bother and will just use his and delete the ride or just use the bike freely with the app that came free with it.


Zwift has never said they can’t do it, they just don’t. There are a lot or requests for a family plan, but Zwift, to this point in time, has chosen not to create such a thing. If you don’t like it, that is fine; there are other virtual cycling apps that do offer family or multi-use plans. Vote with your dollars and sign up for one of those. But, for now at least, Zwift is the top-o-the-heap when it comes to virtual cycling, so they likely don’t feel too compelled to go this route.

Also, apps like WoW don’t offer family plans, either. It’s not like this is unique.


They cited personalisation to me as why they can’t do it. They also suggested if enough people ask for it on the community forum they would consider it. That was in their email direct to me.


Meanwhile: Family and Child Plan Request
and Allow Saves Without Exit

And many others, so I don’t think votes of interest within the community is a driving factor in features that get released.

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If that is the case, you should search out the (very) long forum thread on have a family account and vote it up (at the top of the thread). That thread has been on the forum for quite a while, so probably better to vote for that one than to start a new one.

I, too, think it would be great, as my wife would likely use Zwift sometimes, but nowhere near as frequently as me.

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It’s really unfortunately they don’t have a family plan. I wonder if they realize they would most likely make more money by letting families pay smaller amounts per additional user (maybe $5 for each extra) rather than saying they have to pay the full amount. If this thread, and a couple of others I’ve seen, are any indication people don’t just say ‘ok I’ll pay the extra’… they just don’t sign up the second person at all. So $5 you get more often is far better than $15 you don’t most of the time. Allowing this also wouldn’t increase number of users because it would make sense to make the family plan a 1 user at a time situation. It would simply increase data storage for the additional user’s stats.


I’ve noticed there is a comptetidor that has that possibility enabed for TWO more members of the family. That’s a good choice to share with. Ronald Offerrs Unify to View Yet. Zwift should consider something similar. If Apple and Sportify does, why Zwift doesn’t?


Indeed there are alternatives out there but are they as good?
Zwift has is own pricing policy.
They have freedom of choice on that.

It should be remembered that all under 16s get FREE accounts on Zwift which is remarkably generous compared to most apps/services. My wife, son (under 16) and I have our own Zwift accounts and I know many other cycling families who do the same, often with twin trainer setups.

They charge what they want, we choose what we want. There are other options they could look at like limited accounts for those that don’t want to ride so much. Their aim is to maximise revenue and do work on how best to achieve this - the chances are they have a better idea than most of us here