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I see a few posts on the subject of family plans, but they seem to be from 2016.  Is there such a thing as a family plan that my wife and son can use?



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Nope. And I could do with it as well. We have a single trainer and only one at a time wants to use it with my wife only wanting to ride once a week at most.   Not worth paying two subs for. 

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So, assuming then my only option is to sign up for multiple accounts?

I would like to see this as well. We already pay two subscriptions in our household (but can only use it one at a time) and have a child who is in her first season of racing and wants to use it as well. Can’t justify 3 subscriptions, especially seeing as her usage would be quite low.

this seams like such a no-brainer.  I’m here looking for the same thing - family plan where we share the trainer.  certainly won’t be paying 3x 

I am getting a smart trainer this week and have signed up with the trial for Zwift. The smart trainer that I will be getting provides a weeks worth of the paid service for free. My wife is very interested in also using the trainer / Zwift with her bike as well. I will be the main person using the trainer/Zwift. My wife will be secondary.

I have read through of the other posts about Family plans but it does not look like that really got anywhere since 2016. As others have stated justifying a full subscription for Zwift is kinda iffy because we will only have one smart trainer in the house and swap bikes when the other was going to use it. Now if I had two trainers and knew my wife would use Zwift on a regular basis sure, I would go with a different account for her.

I could see a family plan being like $19.99 or some where in the middle  of $29.98 and $14.99.

Just got Zwift setup on my AppleTV and it looks very promising to keep my interest in biking in the winter months.

I support the familly plan approach; we have four trainer here and like to ride all four together. We have four individual plans and the recent rate changes is hurting the budget.

a question to those where more than one person use one trainer: since you obviously can’t ride together on one trainer anyway, why not share one account? just download your .fit-file and upload it for free to strava or trainingpeaks or some other trainer app/software. that way you have 2 seperate rider accounts where you can log, plan, compare, etc your rides?

Can you please add a family plan?

Will a family plan be offered soon ?

I agree we have one trainer and my boyfriend and I want to use it as well but I can’t believe there is no multi-user plan option. 

i dont understand your issue, since you have only one trainer anyway and can’t ride both at the same time anyway. what i asked before:

why not share one account? just download your .fit-file and upload it for free to strava or trainingpeaks or some other trainer app/software. that way you have 2 seperate rider accounts where you can log, plan, compare, etc your rides?

that’s what i’m doing in my house with 3 people and it’s a piece of cake.

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of using Zwift if you’re using another app to log your rides? I have a female character and it is changing my profile to his stats which we obviously don’t want. Why even have Zwift if you’re using strava for it anyways? Maybe I don’t understand what you mean. 

zwift is offering very little in terms of logged data. the only thing there is is an overview of rides you did with distance, time, overall elevation and average watts. the data sheet you get to see at the end of the ride with power and heart rate curve etc is not logged.

(edit: your ride data is saved as a fit-file, which contains a whole bunch or ride data. zwift has just decided to not log and display all of it for some reason.)

the free apps log a whole lot more data. strava for example, also logs gps data (watopia island or your real trip if you ride outdoors, of course), heart rate, speed, average and max power, terrain profile, cadence, calories, weekly stats and your segment times and the respective leaderboard (your ranking on that segment).

the only one thing necessary to do if you ride on a single account is adjust the avatar when you ride on zwift, especially weight and ftp if you intend to do a training session.

zwift can automatically upload your ride data (which is saved as a fit-file) to strava (or other apps if you prefer) for you to look at so there isn’t even any hassle with it.

in my household (3 riders) we created a strava group and can easily compare our rides, weekly activites, etc.

all this only becomes meaningful if you feel like looking at your collected data at any given time, for either fun, comparing with others or planning your training. if you’re happy with the zwift log, then that is of course fine, too.




I get what you’re saying now. I use strava for outside rides but wasn’t aware that Zwift did not log your data (I’m on day two of the 7 day trial). That makes perfect sense, thanks for your help!

Zwift does log the data, and don’t be fooled by their limited stats shown in Web UI, they actually saved a lot more data than you can see when you login to their web application. The data can be retrieve from API if you know how to use it, or, use 3rd party app like
The workouts are designed to be different based on your profile(FTP etc.), so within a same household, it will definitely skew the data if multiple persons with different capability ride under the same account.
It will be so much better if Zwift provide family plan with multiple profiles, just like you can do in Netflix.

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Need a Family price plan!! we have one trainer and my wife and I want to use Zwift but not paying 2 monthly fees for $30 a month do it fast before the free trial is up


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