Family Plan x2 (Had to have a different Title)

Not sure why the last Family Plan thread was locked and hopefully this isn’t a particularly divisive topic here, but it would be a great feature that would generate quite a bit of interest in Zwift I think.

One of the main reasons I’m using Zwift is my current employment location has temps down to -40 most of the winter… not overly conducive to training lol.

I have a couple children that would love to participate in Zwift as well but I’m not dropping $15 a month for separate accounts (they already have huge segments of my wallet lol).

Short list of what I’d love to see:

  • Family Plan Pricing (Perhaps by age?)
  • Easy way to quickly switch between family members on the same Family Account
  • Child specific Avatars & Bikes (a BMX model?)
  • Child Specific ages & weights
  • Future development for BMX or other kid friendly courses?

Personally I think you could tap into a huge market… pretty much the entire northern tier of America. I could also potentially see schools jumping on board if you marketed it correctly.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

(This was from a semi cross-posted reply)


I locked it because you already posted in the main one and we should keep the focus on that one instead of creating multiple threads for the same request.

Please keep the post to this thread: Family and Child Plan Request

I’m locking this one and when I have more time I will merge this thread to the main one.

Ride On!