Family and Child Plan Request

(Vincent W.) #1

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Family plan i.e. $15 usd for 2 over the age of 13

Children under 13 free

(Jeffrey Escosio) #2

This is definitely needed, or at least be able to have 2 avatars. At the moment Zwift appears more interested in making money than doing things for the community/family users.

(Steve Copeland) #3

Absolutely needed. The wife and I share a turbo trainer so cant be on at the same time and we really resent paying for two accounts at full price.

(Emma Deary) #4

There currently seems to be an option to change user on the home screen but you can’t select it and there is no way of setting up another use. Much like Steve we share a turbo but we don’t want to mess each others profiles up by using one account but the price of paying for two is crazy

(Lucian Evans) #5

Why don’t Zwift put this into action. I share a Zwift account with my 14 year old son and it is a pain. Surely this is just the sort of thing that Zwift should do to build a community and make people feel good about using Zwift.

(Artie Blur) #6

Same here and made even worse by running the iPad app where the “weaker” of the two of us doesn’t even get their own PBs as it seems the app stores the PB not the individual user profile… so why does the 2nd user have to pay the same price?

(Brian Vandegriend) #7

My 7 year old daughter wants to Zwift too as I can mount her mountain bike on my trainer. Right now, I let her try my wife’s account, but I think she would be more engaged if she had her own profile/avatar and dialing down the weight would help with her ability to get her avatar moving.

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(Robert Harrison) #8

Totally agree. Zwift are currently losing out as some won’t pay another individual subscription but would pay a small extra subscription for family members.

(G Onz O) #9

Yes Please. We’re also feeling it is unfair having to pay two full accounts. Couldn’t the subscription price be linked to the particular trainer and then allow multiple user profiles?

(Matt Yankow) #10

Good news, your 7 year old can zwift on their own account for free:

MY 7 year old loves the leveling up process

(Tim Francis) #11

Family plan is a great idea but kids struggle with sluggish pace due to minimum weight. Bring down the weight limit.

(Terrilynn Handy) #12

My 8-year old is also on her own child’s account! She loves it!

(Terrilynn Handy) #13

Agreed… the minimum is 45kg and she’s about 10 kilos under that…

(Terrilynn Handy) #14

It would be great to have a family account! I’m the primary user, and having a family account would be a great way to motivate my hubby to get on the trainer… we work odd hours and it’s much safer to be Zwifting at midnight than riding around on the roads with all the crazy drivers out (we live in China…!!!) He’s definitely heavier than I am, though, and I’m sure capable of some higher watts if motivated, so a separate profile would be necessary. Perhaps there can be a monthly cap on KMs for the secondary account? Then if they want to ride more we can update to a full subscription.

(Adam Titley (C)) #15

I’m amazed that nothing is in place here. My older son is 13 and I face having to pay full whack for him next year. Note that even though he’s had an account for ages, since it wasn’t a “paying” account, he’ll not get the grandfather discount either. What I find infuriating is that there is no official response from Zwift on this topic (please post one if I missed it)

(Laura Viklund) #16

Would also love to see a family plan. We also share a trainer, and I don’t know how sustainable it is going to be to keep separate accounts for my husband and I.

(Jon Wakefield) #17

For me, I spend so much time talking about the benefits of indoor cycling to friends and family and encourage them to “come round and give it a go”… that’s when it gets a bit tricky because without changing my profile/rider weight all of the time (which I have avoided doing so far!), it’s just not easy to give them the same realistic experience.

I’d happily pay a small premium, which would give me the option of a second account, which would then give me a easy option to show people how great Zwift is - and undoubtedly this would translate into additional subscriptions anyway.

Make it happen, it’s got to be a good thing - for users, Zwift, and the popularity of indoor cycling.

(Tino Barnes) #18

YES! Please make this happen! Like others have mentioned my wife and I share a trainer, but we have a hard time justifying paying for two separate accounts. Also, our 14 yo is now interested in riding and was pumped to see the Zwift video game…unfortunately she can’t use it because a separate membership is needed.

Please consider this!!

(Steven Anderson) #19

This would be a most welcome update. Looking forward to seeing it


(Elena Dawson) #20

I am a new Zwift rider and would also like to see a family plan. I plan on riding every day; however, my husband generally prefers to ride outside unless it is raining and my daughter (age 13) is a potential occasional casual rider. Would love to see a family plan so we could all enjoy Zwift at our own pace/frequency.