Family and Child Plan Request

(Kris Mays (D)) #21

My wife wants to start and I’ve got her equipment ordered. It’d be really nice to have a family plan. I also have 5 children that are very interested. Children under 13 free is great, but the official membership should be an option when signing up. I’m not sure why this is difficult to code.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #22

I expect this is a business/revenue decision rather than it being technically challenging. As you say, it doesn’t sound like a difficult thing from a programming/system perspective.

(Guy Badman) #23

I really hope that a family plan is put in place soon.

It isn’t long until the grand-fathered pricing ends, for those of us that were on that. And that price increase x2 isn’t that appealing, but a family plan that could cover two adults in the same household for say 1.5x the full price of two adults individually would be great.

The timing of this with it coming in to winter in the northern hemisphere and the grand-fathered pricing ending is right for something to be done now really.

(Nicolas Bernier) #24

Totaly a feature required. Me and my wife ride the same trainer not at the same time… we dont have zwift only to not pay 2x the fees. We stick to Rouvy at the moment…

(Marcel Reinieren) #25

Pay per kilometer/mile. Regardless of users in a particular account.
No discussions about summer/winter anymore, use swift on a single rainy day in summer, and ride lots of kilometers in winter. Heavy users pay more, but you could even think about a discount price starting from xx miles/kilometers to encourage usage.

(Ian Smith) #26

Very keen on some form of family sharing benefit. We are a family of 4 and would all like a Zwift profile, right now it is cost prohibitive

(Zach Johnston) #27

Not to be a downer, but this is a TERRIBLE idea for a fitness app. You’re suggesting what the mind will only feel as a penalty for tacking on miles…right now they have the opposite approach, you get that extra +30xp if you just finish the mile. Instead, you’d be thinking “I’ll have to pay that extra nickel if I finish the mile.”

What about downhill miles? The freebies you get for ascending Epic KOM? Do you want to pay a nickel for coasting downhill at 40 watts?

(Marcel Reinieren) #28

True, didn’t think about that. It felt the same as chain/tire wear. Everything on my bike has a cost for usage. So that’s why I came with the idea. And you’re right, about the feeling on this payment method. Not a good idea.
Problem is that most people don’t use Zwift on sunny days, so they pause their subscription. So a yearly fee would be great but only if this is around $100/$125 because summer usage is low.
For the first family member: 50% discount, and every next member 75% discount. Based on adresses, like spotify does?
Don’t make the same mistake in this as Spotify did. (Family is translated in dutch means everyone related to eachother; including cousins, grandparents, etc etc.) So call it “household” or something.

And one other thing; Allow EU people to pay in dollars or change the exchange rate! Just change $ in € is completely unfair! A subscription is more than $17/month in EU now.

(Phil Sellars) #29

I’m amazed this isn’t already a feature as most top apps including Spotify, Netflix, Amazon have family packages. Seems unfair and a little greedy on Zwifts part to force us to pay full subs for all the family.

(James Mc Diarmid) #30

Another vote here for a better family rate please - my wife would definitely subscribe if there was a family loyalty rate…

(Lorna Russell) #31

And here. We’re reluctant to make a third account even though our son is keen to use it.

(Paul Allen) #32

There is this if they are under the age of 13:

(Lorna Russell) #33

Unfortunately my son is 15 so not going to help us.