Family and Child Plan Request

(Charlie Choiniere) #41

Any updates on a family plan? My wife is interested in using zwift run casually, but we’re not about to pay $30 a month for Zwift. It’s too expensive for the both of us to use it at the current pricing.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #42

Zwift running is free.

(Charlie Choiniere) #43

I thought it becomes paid in January?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #44

I have not heard that rumor, do you have a link?

(Charlie Choiniere) #45

A co-worker that is trying Zwift run told me this. Perhaps that has changed now. I don’t have a link at the moment unfortunately. I can follow up with him to see if he has an email or something from Zwift stating so or where he heard about it.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #46

I am part of the Zwift Runners Group on Facebook and am fairly active on these forums and I have not heard about running no longer being free.

( Gran Fondue) #47

Yes please - My partner and I would like to use Zwift but $30 per month for the two of us is more than a family gym membership at a local club! Let’s see a more realistic family plan Zwift!

(Katy Leduc (ZWIFT BZH)) #48

My partner and I have been using the Zwift free trial and love it. We would definitively love to keep on using Zwift. However nearly 15 € per head and per month is a lot, too much for our very narrow budget. Couldn’t have a pricing for Family accounts? That would be awesome. Thanks for considering our request. Happy new year 2019 to all the Zwift community!

(Matthew Barcus) #49

I’d really like to commit to Zwift, but paying full price on two accounts despite only having one trainer at home is making me lean toward using Rouvy instead. Hopefully things change and I will reconsider Zwift.

(Kevin Walker) #50

Not sure what the hold up on this one is?! All the other feature requests will cost Zwift development time and not really get them more money. A family plan that say 50% off per extra rider as long as they are not active at the same time would automatically pay for the development time.

15$ for one account
8$ for second topping out at a total of 4.

(Corie Ivory) #51

I agree a joint or family membership is needed, after people finish their trial period I wonder how often two people in the same household join or do they just share their log in - in reality they are proberly loosing money from not having a nominal extra charge for having joint memberships, I think £2-3 more would be reasonable ?

(Thomas Wright) #52

another HUGE vote for family plans. Switching with my wife on the same profile is a pain…charge us $20 / month for the family plan = more money for Zwift and easy for the family.

(Corie Ivory) #53

Once we highlight the fact they are loosing money they may take notice of this issue.

(Matthew Eastham) #54

Please make this happen. We have one trainer in the house only - is there a way to link a “family account” to a specific trainer, and then have profiles under it? We obviously can’t both be using it at the same time.

(Daren Nathan) #55

Such a missed opportunity by Zwift. I specifically bought a wheel-on smart trainer so my wife could also use her bike on it. I thought Zwift would be the only bit of training software I’d go to because my Gregario SC clubmates all use it, too.

However, I found Rouvy has a discounted ‘family’ membership and, of course, I’ve signed up. Whatever I’m going to miss on Zwift will not make up for the saving I am making with Rouvy.

Zwift, if you are listening, please do something about it. You will be no less exclusive; no less the ‘leading light’ in turbo trainer sofware. In fact, you will gain more riders from most households and increase your membership.

Over to you guys.

(Neale Watkins) #56

There are three of us in our household who use Zwift but £36 per month seems a little steep especially with the recent price hike. Come on Zwift, let’s get a family (3 adults) pack so I can save a little bit of money and we all get our own accounts.

(Arkadiusz Andruszkiewicz) #57

For me, a similar situation. I run and ride a bike. The son of 12 years is modeled on me, I urge my wife to running. Of course, we do not use Zwift at the same time. We have one treadmill and one bicycle trainer. Everyone is waiting for their turn :slight_smile: We operate on one user. I do not save my family training so as not to overstate my stats.

(Amy Gwynn) #58

Please, please make this happen, Zwift. I love your platform and I want my boyfriend to join but we can’t do $30 a month.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #59

To be honest, I expect any sort of “family” discount would be based on some sort of recognised legal partnership rather than people who happen to live in the same house (assuming you do).

i.e. married, civil partnership etc.

Obviously there are long term partnerships that in theory should be covered, and children should as well; but I guess they have to draw a line somewhere. Maybe that’s one of the hurdles as far as getting something like this out of the door.

(I’m making assumptions about your relationship, I recognise that. Just for me the term “boyfriend” suggests something different from “partner”. I might be overthinking it, and I’m sorry if it offends.)

(Amy Gwynn) #60

Understood and agreed. We are actually engaged, will be married in a few months, so if Zwift decides to set restrictions based on relationship, that’s fine. We have about 100 lbs of difference between the two of us, so sharing an avatar is not practical. Even if we were closer in weight, I wouldn’t want to mix up our activities anyway! It always surprises me when people say they do that, but I get wanting to save the money.