Family and Child Plan Request

(Darryl) #61

What a great idea. Or even a discounted account for limited use?

(Charles) #62

Ditto here. We have two riders in our family that use Zwift. We pay for two accounts and use the service during the winter and will discontinue for Spring, Summer, and Fall. If there was a fee break for family use we would likely continue our subscription throughout the year. I do find it humorous that Zwift hasn’t felt inclined to comment in this thread.

(Carlos) #63

I would pay $5 more for a family plan - Two adults on same IP…
My wife and me take turns on the trainer and having separate profiles would be a plus without paying double subscription
Pleas make it happen… Zwift Competition is doing it

(Gil) #64

Did anything ever come from this? I have since dropped my subscription due to connection drops and also it’s a bit pricey for occasional indoor ridding. My gym membership is $10 a month. But I would reconsider if a family account is $15 or $20.

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(Dafydd LJ ) #65

I guess Zwift have made a calculation that they will make more money from making people in families have separate accounts, rather than the additional small uplift in revenue they might get from family accounts. I can’t see any other reason why this wouldn’t have been implemented after all this time.

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(G) #66

just out of curiosity - how do you people imagine you’d prove you are family? Trainer’s serial number? (some families have several trainers) … and I’m not sure the trainer sends serial to Zwift. The same computer? (some families use several comps, ipads, etc…). Router serial number? Or IP address - not sure how usable that info is… Or another idea? I just wonder …

(Walter) #67

I don’t think Zwift would ever present it this way as a “Family” plan but rather the number of concurrent connections. Much like Netflix “Screens you can watch on at the same time” which I share with my “Family”. We all log in to Netflix the same way but just pick our profile names after log in.

Just a thought but there should also be a Basic, Standard, and Premium plan. Difference between these could be the number of worlds/kits/features available to you. This might entice those who feel the currently price point is too high.

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(Will) #68

We now have 6 people riding in my family. My oldest daughter turned 13 today and she will have to start paying. So currently paying for 4, with 2 more coming next year. Could you help? If not, maybe when Garmin gets the TACX competition to Zwift going we will move on.

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(Will) #69

Oh my, I just notice Zwift raised the child’s age to 16! So pumped! Ride on!

(Connor) #70

Just like how spotify has a family plan were you pay 1 fee for 5 people zwift needs to have a discount bundle that allows couple and maybe even entire family’s to train online. If swift was truly interested in helping create healthier people as much as they were with making money they would understand that by creating these couples and family plans that not only would they bring in more money but more people in general would be using there program thus they would be helping create a healthier society and if they really wanted to they could capitalize on that saying. Personally I would love to be able to log onto zwift with my girlfriend and track miles on zwift together and compete to see who could burn more calories or some. But at the current pricing paying $30 a month is a little steep

(Charlie) #71

Another vote for this. My wife is a keen cyclist and has her own subscription. I would love to be able to use the turbo casually - there’s no way I can justify the cost of an additional monthly subscription, but would happily pay $5 a month or so. Zwift, you’re missing out on my money!

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(R Han) #72

I have the same feeling as the other people who have commented here, multiple riders at full price is too much.

My wife, daughter and I have the Rouvy family plan. My daughter is away at college so she gets in 1-2 rides every few months. Now my wife and daughter are interested in trying Zwift. They see the courses I ride firsthand and the data it features. They only reason we haven’t is the price.

I urge Zwift to create the family plan because it’s just Good Business! Doing so, you’ll have 3, Loyal, members from our household. If not, you’ll have 1 member, and that may eventually become Zero members.

(JP Confessor) #73

The idea of having multiple profiles linked to one account and only being able to use in one device at time seem to be fair.

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(Martin) #74

This would make lots of sense. Much like Apple as Family Sharing, which allow to share purchases among the family. Zwift is not cheap at $18CDN per month. Plus the equipment required. Currently I pay twice to have an account for me and my wife. Would be nice to have a break for households with multiple accounts.

(Colin) #75

Come on Zwift - thinking of going elsewhere if my wife and daughter cannot use it. No replies from Zwift? What’s the point of the forum if they don’t connect with their customers?