Pay per user is ridiculous

The idea that you cannot have multiple profiles, and thus must pay per user is ridiculous. Me and my wife bought a single bike…because we are not insane, and share it. We will never even consider the idea of having to pay per user. I was hoping to use this app, but that simple idea is just too ridiculous to consider.

Don’t be so greedy that you won’t allow two people to use your app. Not at the same time, just with different profiles.

Agree fully.


I’m curious why you think this is ridiculous. Wouldn’t WOW, or any other online game require multiple memberships for multiple profiles? I’m not saying that Zwift shouldn’t offer a family plan, or something along those lines, but to expect multiple users for a single fee is kind of asking a lot, isn’t it?

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I don’t think it is asking to much. Maybe cap it at 2. I’m not a biker. I use zwift as a cardio tool with working out. I definitely don’t get the full use of it or my moneys worth but I do enjoy it. If I put my partner on there too it going to get expensive and I really can’t justify what I pay already for how little I use it. I guess it really depends on how much you use it and if you think it’s worth it

There are other platforms that are free for some level of use.

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True, but that ‘some level of use’ is getting more and more restrictive, and will likely not be free for much longer. Technically speaking, Zwift offers ‘some level of use’ for free, also.

Isn’t that kinda like sharing your netflix password?

If I buy a gym membership my wife doesn’t get to use the gym for free

Maybe you could argue for a family membership and a premium price to the individual $15 a mo


How much do you have to use something a month to make it worth $15?

No. On wow, if two people are not playing at the same time, they simply create two characters. That is exactly…EXACTLY what we should be able to do.


What parts of Zwift are no charge? I paused my membership because I’m riding more outside but would love to continue the free parts.

Running and child accounts, I think you can still ride 25km while canceled or paused too (this needs to be verified)

Thank Mike, That is good to know in case I want to jump on for a short occasion spin.

You can ride 25 km (or more - until you end your ride) once in a month. I would not call it free option.


I guess it depends on how you look at it. You clearly look at it like a gym membership… In that case you can argue that its reasonable. But I see it as on online game linked to my bike. Obviously there are games that’s have a monthly subscription but I’m not sure this one is worth 180 quid a year in comparison. It’s just an opinion anyway. If your happy, its beneficial for you and enjoy it then great. Personally I’m probably going to cancel my subscription and set my partner up instead. But all these things are objective.

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You are incorrect, according to the Blizzard website, unless one of those users is the parent: Is Account Sharing Allowed? - Blizzard Support

Zwift also has free accounts for children.

If you haven’t already, add your voice to this feature request:

Nobody gets kicked or banned for doing it in the same household. It is in place in the license to stop bots and cheats. Which is exactly why it is allowed, but in the license.

The simple fact is most people have multiple computers and computer users in a home. Very few households have multiple bikes. This policy is silly, and makes no sense to me considering there are competitors that offer it. I am going to Rouvy and not looking back.

In short, even if it was 100% industry standard, there is no good reason for it. It is very easy to allow a few rider profiles, and specify that using in multiple households is against the rules, then monitor ip location and ban people for jumping around.


No. One can have multiple profiles on netflix

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But doesn’t multiple users on the same account also allow one to have multiple profiles to suit different scenarios?
A light wt user for mountains, a heavier one to avoid exceeding a cat w/kg upper limit etc.

Now, people can wt dope but it shows up as freq wt changes.

When you go to an all-you-can-eat bar, each adult has to buy a plate.
No sharing.
Each person must over pay for each movie ticket or ball game ticket etc.

You’re paying $15 a month, 50 cents per day.
That’s not enough to feel entitled that your demands be met.


I would say that a household is more likely to have multiple bikes than multiple computers. Not sure where you live, but every household I know has more bikes than computers.