Family plan: make Zwift affordable for couple/families

Me and my wife are new to Zwift and so far we love it! I’m having a hard time understanding why Zwift doesn’t offer a family plan. Many other virtual services offer family plans or at least the option to create addition profiles. $15 a month each seems rather steep and I’m sure many would agree. $30 a month is more expensive then both of us getting an actual gym membership at many gyms. I love cycling and Zwift so I guess I don’t have a choice but would love if Zwift offered a family subscription in the future to make this already expensive hobby more affordable.

You should vote up one of the many other forum requests for this ‘feature’. People have been asking for years. Hasn’t happened, and probably won’t.


Yeah I will how can I find the other posts

Use the search feature (magnifying glass near your profile pic).