Family subscription idea


Can I make a suggestion that Zwift adds a family subscription? Something like 28,99€ a month which permits a household family to use Zwift? I think this can also encourage children to take part in cycling indoors too without them having to worry about the financial side of monthly subscriptions. I’m sure parents would be keen to have their children enjoy Zwift too.

There could be a children’s section in each Zwift world that they ride in so they’re not riding with the adults (unless they want to), but in the home they can ride with their family (parent or sibling for example) and enjoy the Zwift experience. The more competitive children can then get involved in their own little races online too.

Anyway, just a thought to maybe get more participants involved in Zwift and to increase the company’s profits.

This is a very common request, if you search the forums, but so far no changes from Zwift in this regard. Perhaps someday, though.

Locking this thread: Family and Child Plan Request

Also, kid 16 and under are FREE already.

Ride On!