Joint Zwift users?

So my wife and I will both be using Zwift. Is there a way to set up two profiles and switch back and forth without having to pay for a second account? Or do you have to change all of the info each time we use Zwift?

You can use one account, but the main thing to remember is to change the weight on the account. One of you will need to ride as another gender (I think you can also change gender, but not sure), but that should not hinder the experience.

This is not an ideal situation and depending on algorithms your account could get flagged due to weight gains and losses.

FYI, I don’t work for Zwift, so I’m not 100% sure how they view situations like this.

I’m going to tag @Vincent to get a Zwift official word on this.

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Hey @Todd_Stockford! We have an article that lays out a couple examples of one account use.
Short answer: No.

Long answer: