Fast user switching on devices

My wife and I use Zwift. Pay for two accounts, use the same iPad. But when we switch, we have to do email and password.
It would be good if it saved details and I could just logout then be faced with two icons with my name and the wife’s name. Click on that and it logs in.

Instead of doing all the user / pass stuff every time!

Agreed, I opened one on this too before seeing yours. A cached user dropdown would be sweet.

With the quarantine here, Zwift is an amazing resource. I’ve got an 8 year old and a 10 year old cranking out miles on both the bike and treadmill during the day.

It would be a great feature if Zwift could have a dropdown of cached users that have used the instance, that way they could simply dropdown, grab their name and go.

Presently we store the password so they can hit the X, start typing their email and then autofill, but they don’t seem to totally get it each day.

I agree. We have four people in our household that use Zwift for treadmill running. Unfortunately, Zwift on iPad only allows switching between two accounts. Having to log in each time (and select sensor preferences) is a drag.